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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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Happy Birthday, Spice!(cont.)


So it’s your b-day today and I hope you’re having a great day! I decided that we should do something special for your birthday so I PCed a bunch of people on chat and had them tell me what were some reasons they liked you, or thought that you were a good leader, etc. etc. Here you go!

I like Spice because he’s a great leader and he cares about us” –Goldust

He’s been a great leader…He was so great he inspired me to make Team Aqua. And I’ll miss him when/if he retires. Happy Birthday Spice!” ~Beaglegreen

Spice is cool because he make Team Gold fun and not just a random group of people invading CP. He’s also funny, interesting…and he gets my jokes” –Liva

I think Spice is a great leader and he is a good friend and never gives up. Nobody can be a better leader.” –Swan

Spice is a good leader. Actually, a great leader and he treats us nicely. He never kicks for no reason, and when someone is being picked on he makes them a mod and the mods guests or members. And when he’s really mad he tries to hold it in. Spice appreciates his mods and owners and never lets them down. When he comes on and someone breaks a rule he takes automatic action.” –Rachel84663

Spice, you’re one nice leader, enjoy your birthday, and thanks for helping me out in TG.” –Ace

Spice is good at keeping control of the army and let’s people vote a lot, so he’s open to other people’s opinions. He also forgives because we were enemies for like 3 months but now we’re friends.” –Jujubeecandi

I ❤ Spice. He’s cool.” –Steph

“If i could give one definition for a good army leader, it would be Spice. Happy birthday buddy” — Tj

Spice is a good leader and I’m sorry for all the times I’ve disobeyed him.” –Maxbearizzy

“Who was the inspiration for Team Gold? Who inspired my stupid themes? Who made this army all it has been since the day it was born? The answer, is Spice. I truly respect him because of his tactics, fun, great leadership, and knows how to control problems. Happy B-Day Spice!‘ –Bannanaphone

If you have anything else to say to Spice on his b-day, comment and tell him!!


8 Responses

  1. spice u r worth the army quite literally u made it i think u should just be a saint when u retire we will make uv a whole page no a whole army in ur name u deserve it

  2. happy bday spice ur a great leader sorry i break the chat rules im just bored ur let me join on august 6th 2009 and inspired me to make CPMG (cp monster gang) ur the best leader ever have a happy bday

  3. Spice, you are THE best leader EVER! And I’m serious! You treat everyone in this army fairly, which I admire. That is the downfall of most leaders. I really wish that this will be your best birthday ever!

  4. have the best b-day evr spice im sorry for the times ive been mean to you but u kno ur coolxD

  5. spice ur priceless.
    u are the best leader i’ve ever seen or will see( tj and swan too)
    u treat everyone fairly…
    controll a bunch of brats like us..
    and if u are planning to retire then better dont think of that cauz i’ll come to ur house and glue u to the chair in front of the comp…
    ahppy birthday SIR

  6. and srry for all the times when i’ve irrated u and when i ask u how do i stop annoying u and the other leaders..
    i must have asked that about a gazillion times u have answered them all….
    ur the best leader ever and i dont know how to thank u for everything…

  7. spice happy bday

  8. so…. i missed your B-day. actually i didnt even know it was your birthday. srry spice. your a great leader and i wish you a merry christmas

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