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Operation SnowDRAFT

Tj: Click here for the Retirement of Tim963

Well my fellow golds, I’m VERY proud to see 70 active comments… very proud. So why don’t we just hit it off one more time, M’kay?

Operation SnowDRAFT

Seriously… Think about it. The name gives it away. Were going to be raiding Snowdrift ALL day Saturday, Why? for the new recruits AND it’s goning to be our new capital 8). So pretty much that gives it away, but theres a twist… No uniform! So we are going to be raiding all of the rooms back and forth ALL day recruiting to try to get all the members of Snowdrift. We obviously know we can’t recruit ALL of the penguins on the server, so why don’t we try to get most? So comment if you can come, and remember, if we have new members they’re going to want promos, right? So pretty much we don’t have to recruit anymore unless we want to after this… If you do a good job, M’kay?


I’ve noticed we’ve really been sucking at training and making lines and most of the time HALF of the people on chat are on cp, so pretty much I’m looking to change that.


  1. If you’re on chat, you HAVE to be on cp… unless you want to be demoted 🙄
  2. If you’re on cp and you’re not listening to commands… and being a brick face, then you’ll get demoted for no listening to commands
  3. Lastly, have fun.

When: This Friday, Ice Bound, 4:30 PST


22 Responses

  1. TJ
    Im away on sunday and back after my bed time.. and i have school that week but im off this week.
    My school finishes at 5 25pm and i get home everyday apart from tuesday thursday and friday just after half past and by the time i have done my jobs around the house etc it is dinner time at 6 which takes 30mins and so i would get onto cp etc at half 6 but i will try to do as much recruitment as i can. On Tuesday and thursday i get home at 6 then have dinner and do all the stuff i need to so just after half 6 and on friday i get out at 4pm and i would get on my computer about 5ish after i get changed etc.
    Sorry for the inconvience
    BUT I WILL TRY to do as much recruitment as i can.

  2. And Saturday and Sunday i can do up to 4 hours LOLLLL

  3. Atleaste we don’t need crappy 40 recruits xP

  4. WHAT!!!! 1 HR 15 MINS?!?!?!?

  5. That’s a little ridiculous…My parents allow me an hour and a half of computer and such a day, and I half to spend more than half of that on recruiting? Put it to 45 min.

  6. I said on my first comment i couldnt come on saturday and sunday which is true but usually on weekends, the 2nd comment is true.

  7. OMFG JUST GO WHEN U CAN but all day we will be recruiting . BY THE WAY THE MASS RECRUITING ALL WEEK was my idea!!?!?!?!


  8. Um As i said i cant come to mass recruitment or operation snowdrift because im away somewhere without internet but i could come to ze training session. so i will ;D

  9. BTW tj, did u mean commands on cp or chat? cos sometimes stuff u say on cp dosent show.

  10. So wait 1hr15 wow that a lot but I can make it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tody Cannon

  11. I can probably make it to the invasion

  12. Umm one of your banners make me feel like going into seizure time. 😯

  13. ik i dont need to comment but….il just say this…idfc about how long or short i need too recruit..im gonna recruit till im so board that i keep slipping my pants on and off constantly….rofl

  14. why did you delete my post? IT WAS IMPORTANT!

  15. For Operation Snowdraft, I can only make it for a little bit, because my 1000 days birthday on Cp party is right before that and I planned a ton. And I just really want my 1000 days celebration to be special with all my real life friends on CP.

  16. hmm..well….guys lets make a rule..whoever makes fun of a new person gets banned from chat for half an hour too an hour

  17. Well I’m Srry I missed this plus we need some respect for ppl and I thought we stopped with the cussing problem but I Wuz wrong anyway ill b on chat later

  18. What is thid post supposed to be about?

  19. *this

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