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Retirement of 1122Addme..D=

Well, as some of us may or may not know, one of our soldiers retired yesterday.  Addme asked me to post her retirement for her, so here it is.

Dear Team Gold,

As you may know I am Addme. This is my retirement speech. I am retiring from this army because of many reasons. I may still go on. I will be in other armies and xat chats. I will tell you guys about some reasons that I am retiring, first of all you guys are rude and you know it. Second, the cussing…Sure I cuss to but not alot. And one last reason is because you don’t treat people with respect. I have many more reasons. Well I would liek to say goodbye to some friends that I might no longer see.

Dark: I might see you around Elites, but if not I still wanna say goodbye. You where a funny pervert friend Dark!

Spice: Spice, I never really took a liking to you, but bye. Oh and I am already a guest on chat so don’t worry. Lastly, You will be having one less on the active count.

Liva: Liva, I don’t really know you too well but you are nice and you are a good friend.

Shaneshane: You where my first friend in the cheese army maybe I will see you agian.

Cheese: I hope I will see you agian after you know my big secret…

Marshmellow: Well I don’t have much to say to you but you will be missed.

Bye to my dearest friends. I know I was not really a big part of team gold soo this really doesn’t matter to alot of you. But, I just wanted to tell people. Team Gold I hope the best comes to you and you learn your lession about being more nice soo people will really join. I kinda feel out of place here this is the main reason that I resign. Thank you guys for some good memories. I would also like to say to the owners, Please don’t yell at me about this it is my choice.

Lastly, I don’t want. to be missed. Just forget about meh and move on. Its not that hard. And I will be retiring Friday February 20, 2010. Well to wrap up my speech I would like to say, that I never really liked Team Gold but that is not why. I am retiring. -.-


Reading this post, i must point out how terrible this really is, not because we are good friends, and not because i hate when anyone retires, but because of her reasons.

“I will tell you guys about some reasons that I am retiring, first of all you guys are rude and you know it. Second, the cussing…Sure I cuss to but not alot. And one last reason is because you don’t treat people with respect.”

This is just sad. That some of us could treat someone with so little respect that they would retire. We all need to learn to treat people with more respect, so that this doesn’t happen again


Liva Edit: Agreed. People, respect isn’t having to find them better than you, it’s just to appreciate them as people, and leave it at that and not cuss their brains our for no reason.


23 Responses

  1. Bye Add. Its really sad you’re leaving. And you will be missed.

  2. Bye Addme, Really it’s fine that your retiring because I will see you in other armies lol. But really it is sad. The reasons for your resigning is terrible…. *cough* I may act like that, but um thats not the point. The point is that for those reasons it is causing one less person in the army. And I’ve heard Shaneshane, that he wanted to resign because people take no second thought when they kick people… really when I first came to TG and to this day i must’ve been kicked over 30 times… maybe half of them for reasons and the other half just because they felt like kicking me or ’cause they have nothing better to do then cause chaos. I really only come on here is because of the friends that kept me going, now to say, Addme you will missed! 🙂 Live on Addme, LOL! See you around other armies and on xat chats 🙂

  3. I am sorry that I am leaving but…It seems like the right choice.

    • Yeah, there’s nothing to be sorry about, once and a while I feel your pain. It’s your choice there’s not anything anyone can do. Lol

  4. Ok first, I agree! We really have som cleaning up to do! And second, Addme, you were one of the BEST friends i have ever had. I know i will most likley see you elites, but this is still goodbye! Every single person here should know how great of a person you are, and how you always stand out to me! I love you sooooo much (as a friend ;D)!!!!!!!!!

  5. …..addme….i…will…….uhh….err….i will miss u…sometimes i guess i liked being harassed by u…kinda…i might neva forget u….for some reasons…and others..bye….*hugs*

    • *Hugs* You liked being harrassed xP I might see ya on different armys ;D

      • yh but other than cheese army n ot really any otdrama maker now hegher army…im not really active too elites…i create drama…liva uses me for her drama maker now hehe

  6. uhh dont notice that comment it got mixed up

  7. xD rofl i….. like……. monkeys D: ok there i said it! happy!?

  8. I mean Friday Feb 19th BTW I just noticed xD Soo tommorow I know most of you dont care because I will see you all the time 😮

  9. goodbye addme… i didnt really know you all that well but you will be remembered as a great troop of team gold

  10. Addme i really agree with you. Everyone around here cusses and no one treats anyone with respect. I hope you find a good chat were everyone respects you. Bye BBF.Peace 🙂

  11. Cya addme. Never heard of you until now. TG, take a stand

  12. Everyone cusses on TG. Well alot of people do(not everyone)

  13. Awww, this stinks. Addme, you’ll be missed, I hope you know you’re an amazing person and you have a very caring heart.

    Your friend(s),
    Liva(and Gismo)

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