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Making fun of my religion

Yesterday pup and liva made fun of my religion i told them to change the subject but they didn’t and when i was going liva called me a crazy man I spoke to Ace and he thought this was very wrong liva also had under her username ace is a hateful person? So I came on chat And I read something in my religion called  A quraan similar to your bible They called my religion a false religion and when i came on chat this had happened…

People who were there:Adrian and Ace I’m sorry but I’m really offended by this.


47 Responses

  1. I am sorry this happened to you. I will talk to them. If they continue in the future, tell me and they will be put on probation.

  2. We really weren’t making fun of his religion. I called you crazy man just because that’s what I randomly call people IRL(even my Christian friends, I might add).

    It was a debate, are you honestly gonna ask us to agree with everything you say in a debate?

  3. mhmm well how would u feel if somebody mocked u about Christianity eh?

  4. I dont believe in ur religion but its still rude making fun of it O.O

  5. Has anyone possibly see this comment b4 10:00 august 11?

  6. Pst(wary)

  7. Muslims rock.

  8. omg. Quite honnestly , i have no idea what your religion is, but growing up in an EXTREMLEY diverse (in both religion and race) school, you have to be VERY careful what you say.

    quick tip: i may be Christian, but i don’t really go to church and don’t care THAT much, and part if me always beleived in the Egyptian Gods, so i cuss a lot and quick tip two: im white and i’m really offended by the word “n… nevermind. The n-word. see, i wont even say it!

    >:-( don’t make fun of people, for they are worth the world. Every single one. (unless they’re jerk-faces or con-men or anyone who totally breaks the law constantly. Then they aren’t woth #%&$ XD)

    • Dude….If you got a hard life, you’re not supposed to spout it out to other people, and this is about religion, not race.

  9. liva thats wrong… just plain wrong….


  11. Umm that’s maybe funny to u but it’s really upseting for others.

  12. If you are going to ”debate” Islam, ‘Liva’, then make sure you can spell ”Qur’an”.

  13. I made the rule AGAINST this so this wouldn’t HAPPEN. but noooo, nobody reads the rules anymore.

  14. try not being christian on for size.

  15. because theres soooooo many and readings borring

  16. WTH! yr now making pup leave..

  17. LIl hulk was not telling the real story and he should ashamed for doing something mean mostly to liva and pup. and when he took the pic it didnt show evrything!

  18. i cant belive you made pup leave just cuz he said wtf is a quarran yea maybe you got offended but really you shouldant care what other people say about you (cuz people can really say some mean stuff) but when you take evrey little thing to heart then it cuts deep you gotta let stuff go and if you do get offended you dont need to go make up a whole new story and evreything else getting people to chose sides like geez you acting like 4 year olds fighting over crayons act you age not your shoe size…. (sorry if i offended anybody just sayin)

    • …he didnt make pup leave, pup was leaving for other reasons… AND LILHUK, LIFE IS HARD, TAKE IT LIKE A MAN AND STOP WHINING LIKE A BABY WHEN IT HITS YOU.

  19. really …? but still

  20. i’m on lilhukz side and completely agree wid him !
    dont make fun of religions

  21. Its Not Lilhuk fighting its Pup and Liva deabting for No Reason and saying False stuff.

  22. Its Not Lilhuk fighting its Pup and Liva debating for No Reason and saying False stuff.

  23. ok, i saw this and i am very tolerent about religions, but a fake religion is one with zero supporters, to those who insulted this person (i’m sorry i don’t know your name) you should go to hell

  24. yea lilhuk if theyre making fun of yr religion i mean u can get offended but dont take it out on them.. now pup is leaving 😦 idk what quaaram is but dont make fun of other ppls religion. u tend to do tthat..

  25. woops srry wrong name

  26. OMG! BANANA PHONE! look pup did leave for other reasons too but lilhuks reaction made pup leave. it was just like another topping on yr ice cream. so it was one of the reasons.. :@

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