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Im done with this.

[Follow post contains  vulgar lang.]

hey its ace.

Ok im tired of this. We helped IW invade ACP for 1 and 30 mins. We were massive and we fought the rest of ACP(who was locked out of Town etc…) We did very well. Now after 1 hour and 45 mins we logged off. Sadly we missed our own invasion. Then we went on Icebreaker for a bit and invaded some rooms. We logged off due to people being lazy bums. We had 2 full chats 1/4 of the 2 full chats was active. Now the Muluk invasion comes a long and everyone is tired/idle/bored. Bri and Me agreed to share Muluk, now Nick comes along and says “TG’s leadership is shit” seriously? now that gets me really annoyed. We(Spice,Swan,Tj, and me) do a lot for you guys and thats what we get? I mean Nick i made you editor, i gave you promos when spice wouldn’t, etc…. and you start this SHIT? Im so annoyed right now. We had 3 events in the past 2 hours with 1 break. And you expect us to have a 4th? Yea maybe you guys werent here for the 3 events but all of us were tired/bored. Ive been getting shit from so many “Ace cancelled” 🙄 YOU GUYS DONT KNOW HOW HARD IT IS BEING LEADER. Think before you speak.



6 Responses

  1. Talk about the edited stuff *wary*

  2. 😦 tg leadership is **** ive been working my but off for a long time nick you havent and you think that you can just say THAT think about other people who are very active pup too and loads others and tf leadership is **** spice swan tj and ace do a lot for us and thats true they want us to succeed and now you’ve caused this stress upon ace soz ace if your sad or mad just lets have a fresh slate and work upon it

  3. Ace, what’s the point of this post? If we don’t like the way you’re leading, we have a right to tell you that.

    So what do you want us to do? Tell you that you’re doing fine when in actuality your making this army fail?(not saying that, just giving an example)

    My take on this post is you’re telling us to shut up and not give any sort of comment on the way the army’s being run because we’re ignorant noobs and don’t know a thing about what you leaders have to go through everyday.

  4. woah. calm down its about a website!! u don’t need to make a big deal about it!!! its not real life!!!

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