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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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My retirement.

Riotors: I am only 3ic and I wish I could have joined TG earlier so that I would have had more time to help out. Sorry guys. Make Tg large for me.

Copied from gt site:

As many people have known, I have been a noob in the past like every legend and soldier starts. I have had a remarkable history, and without being given much credit I may have been one of the greatest pieces missing from any armies leadership.

Main Part of my History

Awhile ago, I was roaming the internet when I stumbled upon club penguin. I played the game and quickly became a member. I then searched the web for Club Penguin cheats and Alighf’s Clubpengu Cheats site came up. I then became Alighfs biggest fan. Alighf introduced me to armies and I joined his army (the army name I cannot remember) and had alot of fun. I made it up to the highest mod before I decided to create my own army. I came up with the name of CPSS (club penguin secret service) and for my first army, I led them up to like the number 2 or 3 medium army. Saiyaman and Flipper then came to my chat to offer me a deal. A merge. At first I didnt like the idea, but they were good convincers and both of our armies and Zelmania’s army Cpl merged to create the Golden Warriors which rocketed into the top 10. We quickly made it to the number 4 army and stayed there. A couple months went by then my computer broke forcing me to go inactive. I was inactive for about 2 months and came back to a big surprise. The Golden Troops. I led my butt off for the Golden Troops and helped get them to the number 2 army and they stayed there for quite awhile.

Interesting facts

  • Golden Troops/golden warriors were not the only army I led into the top 10. I also led Brownies,  Pdw, Cpl, Aw, Ga, dw, romans and some more that slip my mind into the top 10 at one point. I also led Bacons to the number 2 medium army and I co-led (2ic) Icy Troops to to the top 10, mcp as a 4ic into the high medium, and I have became a
  • I have owned 2 successful news sites. My medium army site was pretty big and going great.
  • I am very good at graphics and custom penguins
  • I have worked on the old number 1 gfx shop ultimate graphics for about a month.
  • I own a custom penguin shop which is doing great.
  • I got my name because i wanted something with the word Riot in it to make it sound more…well…threatening.
  • Many people misspell my name and spell it with an e instead of o like rioters, its supposed to be riotors.
  • The current Gt site is my origional cpss site. Go to cpssworld.wordpress.com for proof :P .
  • I have more friends than I can count on cp…trust me…ive tried.
  • Im a really good skateboarder.
  • Im white.
  • Im about 5 ft 10-11 in tall.
  • My real name is Cody Davis.

Who I would like to thank.

Im so sorry soldiers and friends, but there is way too much. Like 300+ people and I dont have the time to write all that on here. I will list the 2 people that have changed my life drastically though.

First Alighf. Alighf introduced me to cp armies and to most of club penguin itself. I wouldnt be here right now if it wasnt for him.

Second..My dearest friend…Cold Pizza. Cold changed my cp life and my life itself. He has always been there for me and introduced me to many many things. He’s one of the best friends a guy could ever have. I still talk to him through text sometimes too. \

Everbody else. If I knew you pretty well, you would have been on my list of people to thank. Again there were 300+ people so thats just too much. If you would like to know what I would have said about you though, pc me sometime on chat.

I was born a noob,

But I died a legend.

~Goodbye soldiers… You won’t see me again 😥

:!: RIOTORS :!:

P.S. Im naked. jk im in shorts ;)


7 Responses

  1. bye

  2. Adios rioters (I spelled that wrong on purpose xD). I am positive people will always consider you a legend.

  3. Known you for a long time and now its time to say goodbye. Bye Riotors.

  4. Since he’s retiring a 4ic can take his spot and I can take theres xP

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