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TG fair

Poppy edit 2: We need 5 events before we can start. (2 more)

Poppy edit 1: Soccer has been excepted and the dodgeball is gonna be diffrent it is more like the old cp color wars.

I am starting a TG fair. It will start in about a week. We are still looking for ideas. So far we have the following events decided.

  • Dodgeball
  • Igloo Raiding
  • Soccer

If you have any ideas please comment and explain. If it’s good we might use it.


16 Responses

  1. Dodgeball with snowballs? I’ll probably be there.

  2. Sorry, but I can already see dodgeball failing “I HIT U UR OUT!” “NO U DIDN’T!” XD

    How about Sardines? It’s basically like hide and seek except everyone looks except for one person. Everyone splits up and when they find the hider they don’t announce it, but rather they hide with them and the game continues until everyone finds that person and are hidden with them :3


  4. Dodgeball will fail epicly trust me it wont be pretty Lulz

  5. i second the soccer! 😀

  6. I like the idea of soccer and TJ and swanbiff can be refrain to keep things fair. Another idea is we can work on our tattics and we’ll have two teams and whoever does the tattic first right gets a promo or something. 🙂

  7. igloo raiding sounds sooo kewl xD lets do it WOOT!i like the color game when someone chooses a color and everybody puts on all there items in that color,the most epic wins,though not all of us are members soo idk how it would work,still its a fun game really doesnt have to be winner =D

  8. Lol sounds rllyy epic =0 Count me in

  9. i dont like the websites new graphics and igloo raising sounds AWSOME!!!!!!!! I’ll be there count me in. but there needs to be an exact date for the tg fair but sounds fun!!!!!





  13. I third haydens tattic thing it sounds so cool

  14. i fourth haydens thing about the tattic

  15. i like the soccer idea since we gold wear the new gold jerseys if u read the penguin times on cp a while ago (xd)

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