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Respect; Let's Discuss It, Shall We?

Riotors: Im at my aunts for thanksgiving, thats why im not 100% active.

Before reading, I must advise you of 2 things…

1. yes, I got permission for this

2. this is one of my legendary rants. Read at your own risk.

Alright, lately I’ve noticed there’s not a whole lot of respect on chat. Before I go into what I need to get across to you, let me define “respect.”

What is respect? I know when you hear the word “respect” you probably think of a king or something. Respect can be used to define great ranking of someone in your eyes. Some would say respect is the opposite of disrespect. Personally, I think that’s incorrect. There’s sort of a middle area between respecting someone and in disrespecting him. If we can just aim for this middle area of not disrespecting someone, but not completely respecting them, it would be a great improvement. As much as I’d like to shoot for that real definition of “respect,” let’s start small for now.

This post will be divided into a few parts. First I will be talking about the respect issue we have right now in TG(or more, the lack of it), secondly I’d like to evaluate how we can improve on that factor, and finally I will be closing with some after thoughts and crap.

First, what has TG come to? I come on chat and all I see and experience is a bunch of angry emotions. Why? I mean, seriously, this is the internet. You hardly know people, how can you hate them? I mean, it really takes a bitter person to take time out of their day to make someone they don’t even know unhappy. And honestly, how is that helping you? By telling someone they suck, you’re not helping anyone. You’re hurting them, and you’re making yourself just an uglier person(figuratively). So seriously. Stop. A lot of you disrespect people and say “well they’re not higher ranks.” So what? They should be respected not because they’re high ranks but because they’re people!! People deserve respect, and you should work hard to give them that. Let’s say for example you showed up to three battles and you were promised a promo for each one. What would happen if one of the leaders didn’t give it to you? That’s something you earned, something you deserve, and it should be rightfully yours. Same goes with respect.

Now I know a lot of you are thinking “i hate her/him how can i respect them?” Seriously. You should. I know a lot of mods/owners who kick people they don’t like for the smallest things. Caps abuse, for example, when they only use it once. You guys need to realize why you kick people. It’s to keep people safe. I hardly ever kick when people disrespect me. Why? Because there’s no reason to. If I don’t it really doesn’t harm anyone so I don’t. Caps abuse gets annoying and should be kicked for, but if they only use it once it’s really not hurting anything. Let it be, and move on with your life.

I know I’m getting a little off topic here, but I thought I’d talk about hypocrisy or being a hypocrite. Hypocrisy means pretty much giving out advice that you don’t follow yourself. I know, you all are going to saying “omfg liva ur so mean why r u telling us to behave.” O.K., I really don’t mind hypocrisy myself if you know the hypocrite is trying to fix that problem in themselves as well as in you. A wise person once said “”Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” This applies here. Why do you seem to notice everything wrong in other’s but nothing wrong in yourself? Before analyzing someone else, analyze yourself right now and get yourself to be as good as you can be before trying to assist someone else.

Now in closing, to sum it all up. I want you guys to try to be a bit more respectful to each other. This doesn’t mean bowing and scraping and doing their bidding, but I mean c’mon. Do you REALLY need to tell someone you hate them? Really? You don’t. Nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t.


– – Liva ❤

11 Responses

  1. *Golf clap*

  2. i read the first paragraph and i couldnt keep going i got so bored

  3. You talk of respect like you deserve it.

    Respect is not something you are born with, something you deserve for NOT doing bad things. Respect is something you earn through hardwork and proving you are worth listening to to people.

    • btw I did right this just so I could motion people I didn’t like to it instead of writing the whole thing over and over again.

  4. Ya I don’t get the point of why people from online HATE each other when if you met each other IRL you might be friends! You could be a total different person offline. You DO no respect because, like pertend your talking to a friend and accediently use caps for like TWO sentences and then you get kicked? It makes no sence! Now I can see if you tell them to stop and they proceed doing it, you may kick them! THATS ALL, BAIIIIIII Nikki :]

  5. Ugh, shes sooo taking my spot one day.

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