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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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Every single darn soldier (Leader-Scout) must read the entire thing

Many days have gone by since the unification of two great armies. Golden Troops and Team Gold. Golden Troops, who used to be one of the greatest world powers there was, were full of CP’s greatest soldiers ever. These soldiers were marked with dedication, loyalty, bravery, perseverance and the will to fight day in and day out. Not one time has a single soldier even thought about quitting the army, for it was nearly perfect in many ways imaginable. Take a look at the current Team Gold. Where some of the greatest leaders live, Team Gold is home to characters greatly different than to the ones of GT. Their soldiers are enthusiastic for their friends, but come time to work, their dedication comes to an abrupt stop. Where loyalty used to reign in GT, it is a rare sight to see here in TG. Perseverance, the will, our morale, is a pain to see. The Supreme Commanders are through of seeing the inactivity of many troops. Prepare for hell to those that do not follow the new sets of laws.

Laws/Rules/Tips (Whatever the hell you want to call them):

  • ➡ All Troops must comment on posts containing events
  • ➡ All Troops must view the site daily
  • ➡ All Troops must come on chat daily
  • ➡ All Troops cannot be AFK, on another chat, or not paying attention during an event unless he/she wants to be fired
  • ➡ All Troops must make 15 events per month to be recommended for a promotion
  • ➡ All Troops must respect the rules on the site and on the chat
  • ➡ All Troops who commented declaring that they can participate during an event must come, if not demotion is at risk

Now it’s not bad. It’s not horrible. All you have to do is follow these rules and I can promise you a better army, promotions (Instead of Demotions Threats), and “Funner” events. Failure to comply to these terms may result in either of the following:

  • Probation
  • Demotion
  • Extreme Punishment
  • Kicked out of TG

Easy enough, no? Alright, here’s the part of the post you guys are more interested.

Demoted/Promoted Troops:

The following Troops have been Demoted due to several reasons.

  • Owners
  • Kanye East- Head General (At Risk)
  • Swimmy Blue- Leader (At Risk)
  • San Chivas- Head General (At Extreme Risk)
  • CheezePleeze (Fired)
  • Albaro Lord- General (At Extreme Risk)
  • Flame- Lieutenant General (At Extreme Risk)
  • Bobbyzachk- Lieutenant General (At Extreme Risk)

As you see, one High Ranked Official is fired, CheezePleeze. Here are the Moderators.

  • Moderators
  • Darian923- True Gold (Fired)
  • Maxbearizzy- True Gold (Fired)
  • Mattybon- True Gold (Fired)
  • Cheygirl99 -True Gold (Fired)
  • Bluz3000- True Gold (Fired)

This list may continue to firing over 30 Moderators, but I think this is a nice warning don’t you think? If you were one of those fired troops and may want to ask why, comment here. Some of you ask, WHY THE HELL WERE THEY FIRED? I ask the same question. Why must the leaders fire Owners and moderators? Inactivity. Failure to come to events. Unacceptable behavior on chat. The reasons may go on forever. You troops have to set an example for the ones that wish to have your spot. We are a new army that can show great potential. But we aren’t. This annoys the crap out of me. We can be world power. But we don’t feel like it. Next time anyone ever decides to not go on CP when told, your fired. Simple, si?

Promoted Troops:

The following Troops are promoted for showing great dedication, perseverance, and the traits of a future leader.

  • New Owners
  • None

Yes there are None because I am furious at the majority of the Moderators. But some troops are very close to becoming a Lieutenant General. Now for the new Moderators.

  • New Mods
  • Aziz the Great- Chief Warrant Officer

There will be more next week, if you keep up what you’re doing.


The Crap in TG ends today. It’s time we step up our game. Now, I better see 30+ AVERAGED during this Tactic Session.

Tactic Session

Date: Tuesday November 30th

Times: 8:00 Eastern, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain, 5:00 Pacific PM and 1:00 UK/GMT AM

Where: Northern Lights Town



*Come 30 Minutes Earlier*

Last chance TG. Prove it to me that we deserve to be an army.

COMMENT IF YOU CAN COME (Or Demotion, you know the Drill) ❗


**Note to UMA: So you think you beat us. Ha. The war may be over, but you better watch your backs. After all the things you did to TG and other armies, you’ll deserve what is coming to you.

Tj’s Edit: For a long time I have asked this question to every soldier who refuses to go on Club Penguin or simply ignores my chants to get on CP: “If you joined a CLUB PENGUIN army why wouldn’t you even go on Club Penguin? I know the point of CP Armies is to have fun, but you actually want to win. You might not think it affects you at all, but it does. Every time you guys don’t go on CP, that’s one less soldier. One less. Imagine if we were tied with a huge army like ACP, we had one more than them on chat, but since YOU wouldn’t go on, we lost. Imagine how much you would get discriminated against. Imagine how much all the leaders and I would be disappointed in you guys. Moderators: Every time you break a rule, every time you don’t go on CP, every time you don’t follow orders, that gives you more of a chance of being fired/demoted. We’ve fired 5 moderators today, and 1 owner. Same goes for you owners. We can’t be known as the army with the crappiest moderators and owners in Club Penguin Army history. We are Team Gold. We do not lose. I remember back when we were rising through the ranks of Top Ten armies. I remember when we were knocking out every army in the Top Ten we came across. That was the good times. But now, since you guys are too lazy to get on the game that hosts this whole thing, we can’t even beat RFW. We could beat the crap out of RFW, you guys are just too lazy. What I’m saying is: If you want to win, then don’t be lazy. What you guys are doing is like saying “I will be the strongest man in the world one day” but then you guys just sit on your couch, eating potato chips, and watching football. You guys have to actually try. If you’re available during a battle, then come. I’ve known moderators that have never even been to a battle. Guys, if you want to have the most fun you’ll ever have on Club Penguin, then mark your calendars, and come to an event.

Spice’s Edit: Oh hell no, let’s bring this back. If we would’ve never been  committed enough to recruit you on Club Penguin, yes the site 1/4 of our soldiers are refusing to go to, then you wouldn’t be here. You must have me (censored) up if you think I’m going to stand for the garbage you’re giving me. Now half of the people on chat ask for promos, and alot of the people who ask don’t even get on. Are you stupid? As I said before, you must have me (censored) up, me and my image to this army. Now that we’re out of war with UMA, and only focused on RFW, we better get all 52 of the people who sit around on chat on CP. You should atleast show some (censored) graditude because we didn’t have to recruit your lazy (consored)s in the first place. Wake up Team Gold. If you thought we were strict before, you haven’t seen strict yet. I wish somebody would come on TG chat and openly refuse to get on CP infront of me. Not only would I ban and fire them, but I’d fired the people who were hanging with the person because 9 times out of 10, their clique is lazy too. Now let me sum this up in one sentence. Get on CP, or get fired.

TapDancer36 Rant:

Young penguins under 10, don’t read.

Ok Troops. This is my Rant. *deep breath* I am so (censored) ASHAMED OF HOW YOU (censored) NOOBS ACTED TODAY AGAINST RFW AND UMA, WHO ARE EVEN MORE NOOBS THEN YOU ARE. I HAVE A FINAL WARNING FOR YOU.  START LISTENING OR BE BANNED, FIRED, AND DEMOTED FOREVER. I HAVEN’T SEE THIS BAD OF A BATTLE EVER IN MY YEARS OF ARMIES. THE OTHER GUYS SAY TG IS FALLING AND DYING AND THIS HAPPENED TO GT. IMAGINE IF JERRY OR SPICE OR TJ OR ONE OF THE OTHER GUYS RETIRED AND A NO LIFE NOOB WITH NO EXPIERANCE EXCEPT IN ADULTERY. I am so ashamed of you I am close to retiring now, again. I have until june to help fix TG because I am going into military boot camp this summer (I am only 15) so I can focus, get strong to lift girls for dance and finally get a girlfriend XD. I don’t want TG to end up like GT, starts strong then died a month before merge. For leaders, stop swearing at noobs, except in rants, and get on CP. I will personally make sure that if you refuse to go on, that you will be demoted to Janitor rank which is below Scout rank. SO GET YOUR (censored) ACTS TOGETHER BEFORE WE END IN VAIN!

Tap Dancer36, Fear the Gold

Lilhuk:This is the new generation of TG and if you dont like it you know where to go my friends 🙂


53 Responses

  1. Coming to Tactic Session.

  2. I’ll make it

  3. i’ll be there

  4. might make it, not even in the army anymore but i might make it.

  5. i cant come…. o.o

  6. won’t be there and what happened to my doomsday rant?

  7. Even tho I was fired I still advertise this army cuz I’m cool like that. 😉

    Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of November. Use this site to find links to other armys and also check out our army servers page.

  8. I will come, I will from now on give 100% after what went down today between UMA and Team Gold. I hope that all the members of Team Gold will give 100%

  9. im comin to tactic sesion and tap plz dont demote me for this but that post really wasnt appropriate… -.-

  10. I’ll try to come, btw, im cheygirl99, my account got banned forever, and im owner, the ranks didnt get updated yet D;

  11. Sweet, I’ve avoided the firing/demoting hammer yet again ^_^

    You guys take CP armies so seriously. Yes, I know, we need to win and all that such. But I mean honestly, you treat us like we’re real soldiers. Your troops at 10 and 11 year olds, they’re not good at taking direction from their parents(no offense :3) let alone random teenagers on the internet. Yelling at us when we screw up doesn’t help anything. Encouraging us when we’ve done well does. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reward or decent encouragement given from anyone but me. No, I’m not counting the lame ‘OMG WE PWN’ comments because they’re not encouraging us personally. You’re still including yourself there. Encourage us and we’ll appreciate it and work harder. It’s really not that hard. I see you guys all the time saying if we win we get promos. I’ve never seen a promo day happen as a result of us doing well.

    Just a question about the “not going on other chats during battles” rule. I mean, personally, you say no side conversations right? Well I get bored during battles since we’re not giving out commands every second, so it just sorta keeps me occupied. I still focus on the war and such so it’s not really hurting anything. So is that ok or wha-?

    I really don’t understand why Bluz3000 got fired. She was a great troop. She showed up to battles and even helped lead one once and did brilliantly.

    Oh and I don’t think I can make it to the tactic session >.<

    • Liva, you’re right. If nobody else does promos, you’re incharge of it. Oh wait, now the story’s flipped. Doing promos aren’t so esy, so for you to complin about them only gets you more attention and we just give you the flat out responsibility. Now carry along, you have promos to give.

      • I was told I didn’t have the authority and I wasn’t responsible enough to give out promos. Plus I sense some sarcasm in your message.

        If you can fix those problems I would be happy to do promos.

    • Liva, Shut the (censored) up. You come here to talk you never come to (cendored) events. You sucked at leading yesterday cuz you don’t now how to lead cuz your inactive. 🙄 Your such a (censored). Your paragraph should be deleted. All of your friends talk and not go on cp and so do you. Stop saying that “this is so strict” if you don’t like if, DON’T (censored) SAY IT EVERYDAY, You act like a 5 year old no offense with your commenting and debating and retardness, AGAIN IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE (CENSORED) RULES LEAVE WE ARE NOT MAKING YOU STAY ❗ It gets alot of people annoyed and your not funny so stfu. 🙄 Drama Queen >_>

    • Liva your so (censored) annoying. 🙄 Stop Complaining over stupid things. You don’t know how to lead! Yesterday you sucked eggs. SERIOUSLY. Your friends never get on cp or go to events all they do is talk to you. Your so dam annoying. 🙄 IF YOU DON’T LIKE TEH RULES LEAVE WE ARE NOT MAKING ANYONE STAY. :ROLL: YOU GET ME MAD PISSED. 🙄 Some idiot we have here. ~Debating freak that fails~ lmfao. All your paragraph meant to me is “BLAH BLAH BLAH I DONT LIKE THIS POST BLAH BLAH BLAH” 🙄 gtfo. and stfu. -Nick

      • You do realize in the time it took to make those comments and all the other rude comments you’ve ever made to me you could’ve done something else a lot more productive than put down a random person on the internet, right?

        I’ve decided now to stop wasting my time with you(took me long enough) so I’m not gonna respond to your comments.

  12. Cant make it.

    1AM UK is just to late


  13. oh teh lolz

  14. I’ll be at the tactic session.

  15. cant go sorry

  16. Nope as I am UK but if more UK approved times were made I would be there so therefore I don’t think any UK troops should be demoted anyway. 😀

  17. I will come

  18. Might make it

  19. Can make it (hopefully no unexpected events in real)

  20. I’m totally coming And I agree we need to get our lazy butts up and show some pride!

  21. try to make it probely will school gets out early for meh… see you then guys!

  22. Totally agreed!We need to show some pride!If we get our lazy butts up and fight we can get our glory back.I don’t quite understand why Chey and people were fired.But that’s your choice and I’m not completley against it.And I’ll be there!!


  23. I can come … i’ll make sure I can

  24. im not sure if i can make it ill try……….

  25. i can come ^_^

  26. this is real awsome and cool

  27. im gonna try my best to become a mod lmao 🙂

  28. I might be on who knows. But I agree with livas comment on encourging us. I have been on 2 months and only got promoed twice. And if anyone fries her i will kill u -_-

  29. i cant come its 1am Gmt ill be in bed 0_0 i wish we had more GMT events

  30. I dont know if i can make it but if I can I will be on. OH yea i agree with liva on the whole encourge us thing and promos, I have been one for like 3 months and only got 2 promos. And if any one fires her I will personal kill u 🙂

  31. i can
    btw i don’t think we are even going to have 15+ events in a month…

  32. Be there

  33. Oh hey, Yeah I’m commenting, I can come.

    Stay Gold!


  34. I can maybe come

  35. ok i will be there i will serve and fight for TG

  36. Aw no!!! I can’t come to the tactic sessions. My basketball practice starts exactly at that time. :S Also, I have to go early because I’m the coach’s daughter. Sooo so sorry!!!!! 😦

  37. I can come to the tactic session.

  38. ill try to come to the tactic session

  39. i might come but probably wont come because i get off the computer at 8

  40. do u think i should be demoted?

  41. I”m confused about the demoted/promoted thing. You said that this was the list of demoted/fire owners and then some say their “at risk’ at risk of what? Were they demoted and they’re at risk of being fired or what?

    Also, no one was promoted >.<

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