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Retirement of Liva148

Yup, I’m retiring.

Some people might ask why I’m retiring. No, no one did anything to wrong me or something along those lines. I’ve just come to the conclusion I’m pretty much done with CP armies. Everyone said “Why be in a CP army if you don’t like battles?” I said “wat.”

Anyway, here’s my random list of people I’d like to thank/People I wanna say random stuff to(in no order, I started making a list a while ago so it’s pretty random):

Spice–I’m sure a lot of people were waiting/hoping for some sort of “confession of my undying love for you” type thing here. Guess what? You’re not getting one…suck it up :3 MOVING ON. I’ve known you longer than anyone in TG, and honestly I feel like I know you the least. I never really considered you a friend, nor did I categorize you as an enemy. You were just…this guy….this guy who would never leave me alone >_< I respect you in suble ways, though.

TJ–Ohae TJ. Whenever people asked me to describe you, I always said “a less awkward version of Spice” which is true. You can choose to interpret that anyway you choose.

Ace–Er………. hey.

Swan–Swanhyyyyyy. My dearest Swan. I always loved your easy-going sense of humor. I’ll always remember those days when you, me, and Lilhuk would just chillaz and debate about stupid stuff.s

Nick–Oh Nick o3o. You always bugged me. Just saying.

Dan–Ohhh Dan. We’ve had some good times…. Those days when you, me, and Skipper would just hang out and do stupid stuff, such as laughing at your mom’s comments on your Youtube channel(;D) or when you and I had a silly fight with each other. You were a true friend all along.

Ice–I never knew you that well personally. It was all very professional with you. You and I shared a lot of the same views on TG politics(though you were more serious about it), and it helped to have someone there who saw things the way I did.

San–Saaaaaaaaan. I never got to know you that well, but when I was there with you, I felt like you had some sort of faith or hope that I might actually do well at leading a CP army; I really appreciated that.

Alien–bwaahaha, oh Alien. You’re hilarious. You’ve always been in a good mood, and you always have some funny/witty thing to say.

Lilhuk–….Wow. Lilhuk I’ve known you forever. I remember when you were a member and first told me you liked me, and now you’re a 3ic. Dear gosh, you’ve grown up so much.

Sasgirl–Sas <33 You’re such a sweetheart. You’re always nice and helpful to everyone. You’re like a less-weird version of Alien xD

Pup–POOPULA!!! Bwahahaha. I love you Pup. You’re one of the only guys I really trust with stuff and I thank you for that. You’re hilarious, but you have a bit of a spunky side as well. I would put more here, but then this post would get ridiculously long(it already is anyway >,>)

Nikki–I remember when I first met you when Jiamy told you to give me a chance…And how you told me that you used to hate me xD We’ve had our good times and I’m really gonna miss you.

Dark–Darky, you were probably one of the first few people I met in TG(it was you, Shmallow, and Steph I believe) and I remember how I first though you were a guy xD. Then came the phase where I thought you were obscenely immature and wanted you to get demoted. And nowww, well I can honestly say you’re amazing. You’re hilarious, and I will miss you. A lot.

Rachie–Goodness we have a long history. I remember when you were dating Swan…then you broke up….then you dated him…and got married…and I crashed the wedding…….and then you broke up again xD. All I can say is that I’m glad we stayed friends throughout the whole, er, drama? I remember when you first got hooked on Paramore and I went nuts asking you to rate different songs, when we went online ‘shopping” for Paramore accessories; all of these things I’m going to remember for a long time.

Freeze–D’awww, Freeze. I remember you being one of the first people I met in TG. You were always so spunky and sassy, in a good way though.

Link–You’re hilarious and epic. ‘Nuff said.
Mars–Ohhh Mars…… I remember the day you came on chat when we were recruiting on CP. I remember when you used to like Spice. I remember when you and Riri asked me to be your mom. I remember when Garret dumped you. I remember when you and Aziz broke up. I remember SO many things with you and all of them make me smile. You’re so awesome, and never forget that. God loves you SO much.

Dawg/Sky/Haze/Brittany/Whoever You Are–I remember I first met you when I had to be out of town for 2 weeks and was on my iPod. Your name was Gold•Dawg, but I was on xat mobile so I just started calling you Gold D xD. Anyway, we had awesome times doing random rounds of T or D during those nights and I had a great time. You’ve always supported me and been on “Team Liva” throughout all my ordeals, as well as leading a PB when I was spazzing out and couldn’t think of any tactics.

Dust–Dude, you’re awesome.

Tim–You’re hilarious.

Tori–SPICE LOOKS SO YUMMY!!! XD Anyway, I love you Tori. You’re so mature and you have a great sense of humor.

Juju–OHae. See you at church next week or summin.

Molly–….Gosh I love you. You are seriously one of my BFFs. I can go to you for anything and you wont judge me, you always listen to my random rants about TG, and yet we have the same awkward sense of humor. Love you.

Allie–Alaayyyyy. You quit TG before I really got a chance to know you, but what I know was that you were a hilarious and slightly mature girl.

Other people I was too lazy to write individual messages to but that I still love:




Moving onwards, if you want to contact me, I still plan on being on xat, or my youtube account name is LivaAndCo or you can email me at livaaa148@gmail.com, but just let me know who you are when you email me XD.

If there’s ever a debate about who should get my rank, I would like to say that I would like Sas to get my rank. She deserves it. I know I’m not necessarily the one who decides that, but that’s my opinion on it.

If you ask “Are you ever coming back?” I will say this: I might pop into now and then, but I’m hoping to come back in a couple years and the conversation will go like this..

Me: Hey..

Pup: Liva!
Noob: whos liva?
Pup: You don’t know Liva?!?!
Me: Pup, you’re STILL here?
Pup: Yeah, well Spice said I might be leader soon.
Me: Spice is still here?
Pup: Well he’s retiring soon…
Me: -facedesk-

Anywhoomz, I just thought I’d let you guys know how much you guys mean to me. You’ve helped me grow as a person and learn things about myself I don’t think I would’ve learned without this.

I don’t want to get too preachy here, but I want to remind everyone in TG that I love you, and that God loves you. Even when I snap at you, deep down I still love you, and God will always, always love you no matter what.

“Long live the walls we crashed through, I had the time of my life with you”

God Bless,



42 Responses

  1. awe ill miss you ]:

  2. i love the part where it says kristina is jesus. ^v^

  3. Duecez… I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I’M NOT BLACK TODAY!!! I’m native American :(… It was fun while it lasted 😦

  4. Im going to miss you but its kinda disturbing you were to lazy to write a messge to me and other people 🙂

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LIVAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D”’= SO LONG, FAREWELL ! BAIIIIIIIIIII D’= Thanks for what you said about me though ! 😀

  6. omg liva noooooo! 😥 n u put me on ur ‘Other people I was too lazy to write individual messages to but that I still love’ list! XD thank u! I’ll miss u Liva,

    best of luck,

    Maple 🙂

  7. livaaaaaaa i will miss you sooo much ill try to replace u and screenie everyone like u lol ill miss you 😥 wut will tg be without u and im glade u will give sassy ur stop she does desure it ILL MISS YOU SOOOOO MUCH LIVAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! ill miss tgcourt and the fun times we had in tg

  8. ouchies liva ur leaving 😦 I STILL DONT KNOW HOW OLD U R OR WHAT UR NAME IS :0 …. IS IT OLIVIA? OR LIVANIA <– fail i will miss you very much (hug)

  9. ‘side-by-side or miles apart
    a friend like U will always b in my heart’

    thats wat my friend told me before she moved away….. bye liva, ull always b in my heart




  11. Awww……Liva I always regretted this day even though I knew it was coming 😥 *Hugz*
    You will always be missed and loved from me Liva =D

    • Less awkward version of Spice… Sounds about right… But anyways goodbye

  12. Another one down. Soon it will be time to attack the 17 year old child molester, and ruin him

    • Dear Tap,
      Before you call someone a child-molester, get your own life

  13. Your retiring!?! WE WILL MISS YA!!!!!!!! P.S. Why didn’t you write something bout meh! ;( LOL

  14. So long Liva. I know that I never even met you but I knew who you were. When you come back in a few years I will still remember you so I hope you can at least pretend to know who the cheeseballs I am.

  15. Aww, Baii Liva!! I remember the days back when you and I were’nt alike (Or at least when I THOUGHT that) and how our friendship grew and grew. I’ll always miss you you Liva!!! Remember to email Nikki sometime. Love yaa! <333

  16. wow tap you have no life checking our site everyday people are retiring because they are getting old focus on your own army. And u did nothin to make us retire XD the thought of you thinking u made us retire is hysterical……. good bye liva when u come on i shall yell at u for not mentioning me

  17. Adios

  18. Either the computer is hurting my eyes or I’m crying :’)

  19. Kk, so I’m commenting on WP for the first time in forever, just for you. 😀

    First off, WOOHOO! Your imaginary balls dropped, and you finally left. Doesn’t it feel amazing?

    Second, yes, I am 100% disappointed you didn’t confess your love for Spice in this post. I have the prrof that you love him on my Photobucket though, so I’m good. (;

    Third, I LOVE YOU TO PIECES. <33 I'm so glad we've become so close. I feel so great that I got the chance to know you, and just remember to email me, okay? And you're one of my Xat BFF's, too. With you, it's no judgements, just pure love. And you don't find that in a lot of people.

    Fourth, LOL @ the part where you come back to Xat in a couple years. I'd believe it. I remember when I joined TG (Beginning of 2010?) Spice told me he was getting ready to retire…. Well some things never change, lol.

    Fifth, to anyone else in TG who randomly read my comment, you just lost one of your best. <33

    Sixth, I love your Taylor Swift quote at the end. Deffo one of my fave songs. 😛

    I love you girlie. Homo. Jk, no homo. (;


    • First off; That evidence was sarcasm taken completely out of context DX

      Secondlyyy, ily too. I will email you and I”ll stil lbe on xat, so you better get on as well ;D

      Thirdlayy, Spice said “I can’t be in CP armies when I”m 16” coughcoughcoughcoguchlghocuoghghg…He turned 16 in December.

      Fourth, I think they all know that (:

      Fifth, I was going to put the link to the song buuuuttt, I couldn’t figure out how :3


  20. OMG!!!
    Liva don’t retire 😦
    i will surely miss u
    wateva time we spent together was nice..
    and u don’t rememberer me in ur speech!

  21. 😦 Can’t believe this happened 😦

  22. Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened (:

  23. Finnaly. This is one of the happiest moments of my life. Thankyou for retiring. This is like an early birthday gift to me

  24. *Walks up a hill to Liva with Crickey* Hey Liva, I’m so sad that you’re leaving….. *crickey nods his head in agreement* I love the way you describe me and how sas is a less weird version of me xD Well, I’m gonna track ya down someday so we will meet aga— *crickey randomly leaps off the cliff* CRIICKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps after crickey*

    Haha well I just want ya to know that you were one of my bestestest friends on here. And remember that I’m a girl. I hope we’ll see each otha again!!!

    -Alienpop A.K.A. The Muffin Man Mourner

  25. Bye 😦 Didn’t know you much but I’m sure you were great troop 😀

  26. The day I come to visit TG,the day you leave 😦 I will miss you Liva,you were there when I needed guidance,well bye

  27. I never knew you Liva but sorry that you have to retire. C ya.

  28. hey 😦 i will really miss u liva gggiiiirrrrllll!!!!! what about me u havent known me for that long but still room for ur best friend!!!! i will email u!!!!!!

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