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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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Invasion Of Mittens/Promotions

Throught out Team Gold history, UMA has been invading us, threatening us, and trying their hardest to bully us. No more are we going to accept their ignorance. Today, and from now on, any attack  from UMA will be returned by 2 fold. We can no longer can we let them bully us for power and to make an impression on the CP army world when we are the true top 4 army. If UMA wants a battle, we’ll get them war, and a hell of a war will we give them. I know many armies are after UMA… TG, DCP, DW, WV, and the small/medium army world, but we aren’t going to help them, and they will not be allowed to fight us. Time to fight our battles for ourselves. To start with their Co-Captial…


Saturday, April 23

Server: Mittens





9 UK


Also, if you amke this battle, it is worth 3 promotions for members, 2 for mods, and a special prize for owners *wary*. Comment if you can make it!!!

~Saint Spice

Dan’s edit: Guys, this is big for us. If we wanna get back into the top 10 we gotta show CPAC that we are top 5 material on Saturday. Obviously we are, but CPAC probably just doesn’t wanna admit it or something. We all know we are, now we need to prove it. I know we can do this guys. Day after day we shape TG history, I say this is a pretty big invasion for TG history, now lets show CPAC that we are top 10 or even top 5 material!


34 Responses

  1. Can make it!!!

  2. ill try

  3. im coming to kick some butt 🙂

  4. 2nd easter weekend omg no

  5. i’ll b there


  7. Your army has been updated on the Club Penguin Army Advertising site for the month of April. Use this site to find links to other armies and also check out our army servers page.

  8. HECK YES!

  9. * commentts 😀 pup is my bfflad.. o and theres a pink person ovur there

  10. ill try to be there but im not makeing any promises

  11. and i looked on the rankings but i cant find my name so does that mean i have no rank?

  12. ill be there

  13. i thiink

  14. ill be there. no holding back we will unleash all forces n them i shall go on their chat and buly them

  15. Psh, heck yeah, i aint missin this “Prize” *goo*

  16. Sure i can make it what time?????

  17. I’ll be there
    There was the post for promotions but no one got one yet.

  18. Depends if keyboard works

  19. Im comming

  20. im coming for sure

  21. Im coming to the battle

  22. Sure thang… Im really trying to get owner so UMA U BETTER WATCH OUT COS TINEY IS CMING AND TG *wary*

  23. I think I can come

  24. Lets pwn so underground mafia as*holes

  25. Like I keep saying posts need to be more fun 🙄 ok well ill be there

  26. ummm duh i’ll be there
    3 promos yah buddy

  27. I will be there if a tornado does not hit meh house!

  28. ill try

  29. ill try

  30. I CAN make it!! 😀
    I’ll also try to!!!
    Hopefully we will win!!

    P.s. Call me Mira 😉

  31. i’ll be there for practically all of it depending on how long it lasts
    P.S. thanks for putting it in UK time

  32. I can make it and I did make it. =)

  33. I shall try to remember tomake it. If I remember..then I’ll be there 🙂

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