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Osama Bin Laden – DEAD!

Ace: A little edit here

 2 days ago, President Obama gave the Military permission to raid a mansion which supposedly belonged to Osama Bin Laden. An elite Navy Seal team was put together and they went in to capture him. Some say his body guards were told kill him, some say he was keeping a girl hostage, not a lot of information is released yet. He was shot dead along with his brother and one of his sons but, how did they find him? Pakistani Intelligence had an idea about where he was located but weren’t completely sure. When they had enough evidence, we went in for the kill. The founder of Al-Qaida is now DEAD but, when you think about it, he was a figure-head. He has been hiding for 5 years in Pakistan while hiding, others called the shots not just him. This war on Terrorism isn’t just over yet, there is still the Taliban and of course A-Qaida. This war is far from over, it has just begun.

Hello there fellow troops. I’m doing this post to announce that one of the biggest terrorist the world has ever known is DEAD! I don’t know about you, but i feel relieved! The one responsible for the 9/11 attacks was killed by some U.S. troops in a firefight. This does not mean that the terrorism is over. That’s far from over!! But the biggest conflict of all , has been wiped out! Now you might all be saying, “Why is there a post of Bin Laden’s death on a cp army site?” Well it relates to war right? And don’t we all think Osama is some type of penguin :P. But I’m proud for this great day! All we can say is the hide and seek champion of 2001-2011 regrets having his iPhone app “use his current location” :D.

Osama Bin Laden – March 10, 1957 – May 1, 2011 (aged 54)




38 Responses

  1. Theheheheheheh

  2. 1st

  3. You think this is a good thing??? Gas prices may rise and Al-Quida might retaliate. Don’t rejoice over this, regret :/.

    • I don’t fully agree… I don’t like people rejoicing over a death ever though he did deserve to be killed. But this is no regret. Because of him over 40k people were KILLED and gone. And why dwell over the gas prices in Al-Quida, it’s not even in North America. Sure his little clan is up to something but they can’t get past the TSA. I think everything is fine that way it is.

  4. Also, you notice he got caught close to the end of Obama’s term. Obama caught Osama (SUPRISE THEIR NAMES MATCH AND THEY’RE BOTH MUSLIM) so he can get re-elected. Obama is a terrible person and he’s in teh illuminati…

  5. And amy i ask how is thei CP/ Tg realated??? I didnt know the Tg site was a news site for us either.

  6. osama isnt dead yet =p

  7. Ok this has nothing to do with tg, but FINALLY THAT LIFELESS HOBO IS DEAD!! W00T USA FOREVER!A

  8. IDGAD IF ITS NOT RELATED TO TG… we need different posts once in a while.. .Thats WHAT SITES ARE for.

  9. LOL@ the thought of obama losing to trump ROFL though i can bet anything that he will not get to run another 4 yrs he totally failed our nation

  10. Spice if u don’t want me to be author or even be a 2ic , demote me :/ I’ll post events when I feel like it !

  11. Just glad they got him and for our president things have been really jacked up but hoping this will go for better then worst cause we can’t take much more.

  12. on that day 9/11 it spells out 911 for emergency

  13. spice your freaking out on pup because he did a random post?


  15. Spice when you say Obama is muslim you sound so racist I wanna slap you. Obama is clearly half black AND half white AND how is HE a terrible person if HES the one who had to send them out to kill the world’s biggest terrorist!? 🙄 Well anyways nice post pup and I hope you make more good ones like this in the future 🙂

    • well no mars.. i was obviously , being ranted on by spice on how i never post events, and of course i wanted a lil FUN/HISTORICAL POST for the site… to entertain some people who log on to keep seeing events and events.. and nothing very intresting anymore ! SO NO MORE FUN POSTS BY ANYONE, LET THE ARMY DIE OF BORENESS… well no , just no more fun posts *roll*

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