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Husker Memorial//Firepost//Retirement.

Hi its husker…

Yes i have been fired. Some of you may find it funny as hell. For me, i find it as disrespect to my ways. I would have been in tg for 1 year june 7th but sadly, sticking up for my rights as owner. And arguing with an ADVISOR i got banished//Fired.

At last glance i saw the tg  army led by Ace, Tj and Lizz. No where to be found. Spice Ice 116. He ditches us, in tg then comes back expecting loyalty. To fire someone without acutally discussion is quite messed up. Reason: i banned chey. Jesus christ. She called me a manwhore and of course shelby and her selfish-ness stook up for her butt buddy.

In the end i have people to memorize in this time







And others

~Just take it into consideration.



59 Responses

  1. hahahahhaha first suckers.. 😦 <33 why didnt you tell me about this thhough

  2. D’; hus-kaaaa ohh hell no…dont freakin go D= dude ahhh man im gonna miss chu (rage) ik we’ll still keep n touch but gah lee i never wanted to hav to see u leav. your an awesome person, honest and u are a very tru friend to me. SPLASH MOUNTAIN STANDS NO CHANCE” …EVER!… muhahahahah (wary)

  3. You just realized TG is corrupt. Congrats to you, now join the club.

  4. Husker we didn’t really get along together but it’s gonna be hard saying goodbye.

  5. Hey Husker Im Sorry Your Fired


  6. bye you were funny as heck see you in disney world fat guy in eore suite

  7. Bye Husker 😦 Now I lost one of my bros and toliet paper boy D:

  8. I’ll miss yoy unkey huskeyyy

  9. Ditched, no. Got on punishment, yes. Get your facts straight. Saying I’m an advisor is nonsence seeing that without me to help leading (No I am not trying to be arrogant) TG would not have even come half as far as it did today. Second of all, not many people care about you, whatever rank you were, half of the people on this post have been asking for your demotion/fire ever since I’ve been back, now they’re just feeling sorry. You can’t say anything about me not being for in this army because the only thing you did was lose us troops. Gold to have you gone pedophile. Good ridence.

  10. Bye :-/

  11. Say what you want, Hate what you want. Honestly i dont give a damn. Spice, Fuck you. Last words outta my words nigga.

  12. :O bye husker, ur my lil pedophile!! SEE U IN HE– nvm 😛

  13. ^ Stfu you young ass fucker :p ( Always wanted to call you that ^^)

  14. Bye Huskie. When you ban my friends you get the ultimate punishment and that punishment has come. R.I.H 😉

    Love Marz

  15. I didnt want you fired but im tired of you always membering me and kicking me and banning when no owners/leaders are on. It used to be funny but now ur plain annoying :/

  16. Huskerr D: It’s been fun talkin to you on chat. Hope I get to talk to you again…I’ll miss you blaming everything on me xD Cyaaa Buddy

  17. bye husker but u did make tg pervy

  18. I’m with ya Husker
    Btw , the person who changed Husker’s name at the end needs to mature a lil, don’t you think ?

  19. it is nerd

  20. Dont worry chey, i dont have to deal with your whinie ass anymore, think of it as a break.. Where i dont have to deal with noobs anymore, and to everyone who will miss me, im still on xat… Jeez it not like i quit xat, i just quit tg cuz spice is a nigger ^^

  21. wow husker the little respect i had for you is gone….calling someone a nigger doesn’t make you cool it makes you look like a ignorant racists jackass before you throw the n word out think about why your doing it because spice fired you because your a little lying piece of shit that doesn’t care about his army,your inactive dont show up to battles made the chat pervy along with nerd get a life oh and by the way R.I.H and never show your white ass on tg again

  22. I support why you retired and it is stupid to be fired for that if they do it themselves. Whoever changed his name at end is just inappropriate but I can guess who it was 😛 But I don’t like the word 2 comments up :/

  23. The way i said the “N Word” Wasn’t meant for disrespect, its to make myself a fag, I was demoted, because of fags. like me. I couldn’t keep my big mouth shut because nerd keeps influencing me.And i was sticking up for myself, Rico. I never joined a cp army except tg, heroes and tea of cp. So i suggest you keep your legs, and mouth shut before bad stuff happens.

    • Will you still be my friend on XB Live though

    • Husker, u talk bout joining 3 armies, TG is the ONLY CP Army I have EVER joined. So, if u wanna talk bout joining armies,vgo ahead, but always remeber, we pick sides, we pick armies we like, we dont go around to 5 different armies in 1 day! But, I have 2 things to ask u!
      1. u really r a fag?
      2. r u ever coming back to tg?
      I know this may not make sence, but try to keep in touch 🙂
      ~World Industries

  24. husker stfu i only joined cp because like all of us we were bored so shut your mouth before something bad happens to u. go back to your mom and cry in here boobs you little mommas boy bit**

  25. Some retirement post :/ FYI Science yourt fired get your butt off tg site.. Husker bye… and i find it funny that you say “last words outta my mouth” and you still are talking…

  26. Husker you can’t shut your mouth can u? u say u have “last words” but u keep talking. Now stfu and leave

  27. HUSKER IM HAPPY UR LEAVING. no offence science.. i luv chu gurl. but u gotta pick better guys… i like how it says -HuskerfaG212… in a way ill miss husker but he called me fake several times so… GTFO HUSKY

  28. Cya husker, ur an amazing leader/owner, i really liked you a lot (no homo, as a friend). ill accualy miss u a little!

    ~World Industries

  29. Bye Husker

  30. aww imma miss u huskyyy 😥 byeeeeee (>*_*(>

  31. omg! husker my one yearaversary is JULY 7th 😮 mind.blown.

  32. ok I know this post is old but after this huskers went on and became a epic fail and a sore loser I know because I know him

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