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J’ai pensé que nous l’avons fait figurer dehors…


Cheese Edit* We already did an invasion on Cozy. I had trouble uploading the pictures but I have them now.. I will post them later today.

We aren’t having fun anymore. Nobody’s giving promotions. Nobody’s getting on for battles, recruiting, training, or any other events. Everybody’s fighting, quitting, and complaining. Moderators and owners are complaining about being demoted. Members are complaining about being bullied. Nobody’s happy because nobody wants to be happy. The members are only being bullied because the moderators and owners aren’t doing their job. Owners and moderators are only being demoted because they don’t want their “friends” to hate them for kicking/banning them. The truth is, they aren’t your friends. This is the internet. You know nobody. Nobody knows you. Even if they were your friends, they would have enough respect for you to follow the rules and prevent a conflict from starting. I’m tired of reading post complaining about being lazy or annoying or always causing problems. Can we ever be perfect? No. But we can at-least try. It takes a lot for Lizz, Cheese, Marcus and Swan to lead this army. Make what they do count. My suggestion is to leave the people who don’t care behind and promote the ones who do. I solute anybody and everybody in this army. This is our second year. Let’s make sure it isn’t our last. If you know we can do better, why don’t we?

WHEN: NOVEMBER 3rd, 2011

WHERE: COZY  (obviously..)

TIMES: 4pm PST, 5pm MST, 6pm CST, 7pm EST,

[UK does not need to attend for this event will be at 12am]

Go out there and make me proud :).

/-Ice Mixed-\


13 Responses

  1. 1

  2. umm this post was made on the 27th and the battle says 26th

  3. ill be there

  4. ill be there, and the title means “I thought we had it figured out…”

  5. I’ll try my best to come..

  6. ill come

  7. ill be there

  8. we already own cozy

  9. Be there…

  10. why is it always late in UK time i can’t come. P.S. I dont agree with not doing my job as a Mod i do ban and kick whoever it is.

  11. doe lizz even lead anymore shes never online.

  12. sometimes she is

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