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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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Teh Reteerment

I’ve been through it all, the fails, the falls… I’m like Niagara. But I got right back up like Viagra.

I’ve been here for over two years. I’ve been a great leader, a terrible leader, and in the middle alot. One thing I can say is that however good or bad I did at my job, you guys were always there to support me and help me with it.

I started CP armies on March 9th 2009, the day when I made Team Gold, but before that, I was just interested in cheats sites, you know, a Rockhopper tracking noob. I used to always be on Bellerophont’s site or Woton (Which was CP Woton back then) looking for things that would help me some day create my own cheats site. Obviously, I didn’t go far with a laggy computer and terrible writing skills, so I did the next best thing, CP Armies. After seeing ACP, Nachos, and the Ninjas of Mammoth (Which are now Swat) fight, I wanted to create an army too. So me and Ice started working on The CP Gold Team (Which was changed to Team Gold 3 minutes after the site was made).We had a pretty good start considering we had Swan, Pup, Ice and Innavoig, Ice and Inna were my friends in real life. Me and Innavoig used to always talk to eachother about CP armies for fun and he always asked the question, “Are you guys bigger than ACP yet?“. Well we weren’t, not even close, but I lied and said “Almost!” occasionally to get him re-interested in TG. We weren’t very big, but we were off to a good start. Having about 4 people in our first month or so but yeah… I guess we started out well. Then after a while my friend named Squeakers13. She found us through penguin chat, and inspired me to go farther. Sooner or later, a couple of funny dresses penguins came to a server called Mammoth screaming Nachos. So thinking that they were our size, we declared war. Result; about 2 days later, we were crushed, only 2 people, me and this noob named Santa. But if you acutally thought about it, I had it all coming for me. If Person1233 never noticed Team Gold, we wouldn’t have gotten any troops, I wouldn’t of grown up and saw what I was missing. I was missing an army. After about 3 weeks from the battle, Tancho, a known Nacho hacker joined TG, and asked if he could help me lead. I said ok, thinking he was here to bring some friends and help us rebel against the Nachos more. He hacked us… No mercy, just hacked. He deleted all of our pages, put 2 gay people peeing pants-down as out header, and made a post, calling us Team Gaywauds, and that was also our title after the hacking. I was humiliated, and I decided that if I was going to stay an army leader, I would have to change.

The moment I figured out I, as well as TG, was the laughing stalk of CP armies was the moment we had to change. The next 4 months held some of the biggest changes of TG, making us a medium army. We battled Koex, defeated them, and actually found our true size, 5. It wasn’t much back then, but it was a start for TG. After that, we started maxing out at 7, then 9, and eventually 13. We eventually became a meduim/major army when we fought the number 6 army at the time, IMAF who maxed at 13 per battle. Then we invaded Icebound.  That was our first invasion, well raid, because back then raids were also when you invaded a server nobody owned. But nobody would want to own Icebound, it wasn’t good for recruiting, it wasn’t fun, it was just there. So we decided to invade it and expand out nation, which basically consisted of Walrus and Snow Drift. Walrus was Team Gold’s creation server, seeing that we fought all of our battles there and we recruited there a lot, and, well, I just liked it.

That’s when we started getting recognition as a major army. Two days later, August 15th 2009, 3 months after our creation, a medium army. It was around the time UMA over threw Potatoes4, Lots Of Pie, and Wurburt as leaders, and begun RUMA. The UMA under Bat’s lead quickly grew to a huge size and quickly expanded their nation, conquering enough armies to become 4th largest, which saw TG as a threat. We maxed 13 at battles. They maxed 18. They quickly asked for a merge for protection, and we wouldn’t let that happen. So TG became a known name around the CP army community, but were still known as noobs, because of Golds Army. Another army with the same color as us and a similar name. So to stop confusion, we always chanted “Team Gold Vs Golds Army” during our mini battles on Mammoth and Sleet. So we decided to go to war with UMA to become known. We failed, but later came into the top 10.

Just about 4 months later, we encountered a new enemy, a new enemy. The Watex Warriors. They were threatening at first, but later we realized that they were all talk. The first time we invaded them, we won easily, 22 to their 7. Sadly, as the years went by, we started evening out. Then one day, on Saturday August 14th, 2010, things got big for TG. We not only made our comeback at WW, but at CP armies as a whole. We became a world power.

About 10 minutes into the battle, WW had retreated about 4 times, which was we we waited in the snow forts for them. We were making war faces, chanting, and throwing snow balls in rage, just waiting for them to show their faces. Five minutes later, it was on. Our 29 troops to their, at the time, puny 14. We were demolishing them. They had no choice but to admit defeat, and they did.

We stayed on a high for about four months, later facing and defeating several armies, such as the ACP, Night Warriors, and one of our most known enemies, the Nacho Army. They were all hard battles, but we seemed to get the upper hand when we banded together as one. We we did that, there was nothing anybody really could do, because we were US. United, together, because there’s no I in Team, but there’s a YO(U) in US. And by knowing that, that’s all it took for us to go far.

Later that year, in October of 2010, the Golden Troops Merged into us. There were very high expectations. A very low amount of them worked out. Everybody was pumped up at first, but we later figured out we had a problem. GT and TG had two totally different standards of rules and behavior habits. TG recruited daily, Golden Troops trained daily. Doing both would be tiring, but worth it. Then there was an argument about whether  or not we should curse on chat. Cursing became outlawed. Former GT troops became furious. Then there was a discussion about “H” Hour. GT troops loved to have a perverted hour or 30 minutes of their own. We thought that if we could make a separate chat just for that hour, it would resolve things. Not only did it cause controversy, it made both armies want to split up again, seeing that we’d both be able to have 20 on chat, opposed to our bickering 40 together. We later unmerged.

Later that year, there was much corruption in TG. All three leaders were looking for a way to bring TG into a powerful era, but our ideas seemed to have gotten the best of us. Tj sat back and sort of mediated what was going on. Me and Ace were in a fight for power. His argument was that I was doing too much and not making things fun, which he later described as dictatorial and unreasonable. I said that he wasn’t doing enough, and said that he was being lazy and “bummish”. We both seemed to go into a internal war with each other. About 3 months later, the site was hacked for the first time in almost two years. I couldn’t believe it. The saddest part about all of it was that Ace’s “right hand man” had did it. I was furious with anger, which gave me reason to believe Ace was responsible for it (which I later found out he was) and though out my first plan to impeach him. About one week later I forgave him and we got back to business. We went to war with several armies, and fought in about 2 CP Army World Wars. We found friendship in each other. Then about 2 months later, the corruption began again when Ace’s post became more lifeless and his attendance to events and chat became slim. Ace started hanging out with Panthersbas, the person who hacked our site. I told him not to, in a respectful way, because it seemed like a betrayal. He ignored me and I made an effort to impeach him the week after. A couple days before the impeachment, we were hacked again, by the same person. This time I wasn’t taking any excuses. I added Ace back to the site to restore the posts and pages, then I impeached him. About 2 weeks later he made the Heroes Army, in which he took almost half of our troops to his army. I then thought about my decision and apologized to Ace. He came back to TG. We still had the same problem, but I figured if I did my job, I’d get the glory that I was, and still am, so thirsty of.

People finally started recognizing me as the “Good Guy” which I wasn’t very concerned about. People in TG loved to see us back to were we used to be, in our number 4 spot in the top 10. Ace went back to his little scandalous friend Panthersbas. The cycle began again. I wasn’t very worried though. Well, not until Ace got inactive. I demoted him to 2ic, which he didn’t even notice or care about because he wasn’t there TO notice it. I replaced him with Lizz and we got back to business. When I met Lizz, I didn’t think she’d be the leader type. She fooled me. She fooled us. Later on that year, me and Lizz got TG back to track for the first time in almost 8 months. We were getting great circulation of troops, 30+ on chat, and about 5-10 new recruits EVERY WEEK. I thought to myself “This is a legend in the making!” We rose back to number 5 on the top 10, even though we were clearly second largest at the time, we just played along. It’s a game anyways, isn’t it? Tj started getting more active and our morale boosted through the roof.

Then came the Legends Cup. Again, we were on a high. The Ice Warriors didn’t seem as motivated, but they pulled together to get a decent size. We both fought over the chat bar, because we knew whoever could win the chat bar would win the battle. The over crowded us, but the CPAC judges still said we were winning. By the end of the battle, things seemed so close. Saw/Decent came on a chat and posted a link to the xat log in page with a strange URL. I knew I needed to log in anyways, so I just ignored the URL and logged in. Bad idea. By the end of the day I figured out that not only have we lost the battle, but we’d also lost our legendary site. I was ashamed. I blame myself mostly, seeing that my password to everything was the same. The saddest thing about the day wasn’t our lost to IW, or the loss of the site, it was the betrayal of IW. Saw had booted all of our troops to IW chat and got them to think that we were merging with them. I asked Icey to help, but when I went on IW chat I saw Icey trading with Saw. I’m guessing that either Saw was giving Icey a cut, or Icey was trying to get my powers back. It became clear who’s side he was on when I logged into IW chat in an attempt to regather all of our troops and there was an impersonator of me telling everybody that I had hacked TG and that we were merging with IW. Icey clearly knew that it was not me, because the person who impersonated me was nothing at all like me, and was working with, and uplifting the hackers. After that day, Icey and me no longer talked, which I really didn’t care. Real friends stay true and fake ones all pass by one day or another.

After the hack, things picked up kind of slow, but then sped up tremendously. We stayed at a steady passe of 15-20 people for every important event. We got big again off of publicity though, which I’m not ashamed of. Everybody was afraid of the conquering Purple Republic at the time, but we “Manned Up” to the challenge and said we’d take them. They were bigger than we thought obviously, seeing that about 40 minutes after I posted that, our site had 69 viewers and loads of spam comments. They raided our chat, and almost opened up another pool. Then when the battle came, there were about 25 of us waiting in line to get some action in. Sadly, they didn’t come. This was a shock, seeing that they we’re usually the one who had us scared out of our skin. After that we dropped and fell in what seemed to be a cycle.  Things were different, but a lot better then how they were when certain people were in charge. Things really started to go downhill when Tj left. The site looked like crap seeing that we had lost our CSS. Lizz was planning to retire because of age issues. We kept thinking about what we should do what the site. I couldn’t buy CSS because of currency issues, so I tried to do the next best thing and turn us into a self-hosted blog. Sadly, that needed U.S. money too. This was terrible, because the site didn’t seem to look any better, and graphics are what make an army into something you won’t get sick of. So exactly what we should would happen happened. All new troops left because our efforts to get back on track failed. We had to call back all of the old fired troops who weren’t as active or helpful as the new troops, but it was okay, because they had experience. Things got tough.

Me, Cheese, and Link seemed to be the only ones who cared. Then Link left. As soon as I though we were dead-for, Cheese stepped up to the plate as leader and we hired a couple reinforcements, such as Garret, Matt, and Endii as high ranked soldiers. Things were going decent. We didn’t get as big as I planned out, but we were medium and we were together. That’s what made me happy. I didn’t care if we would be major anymore. I didn’t care about going out with a bang. I didn’t even care about what seemed to have been almost 3 years of my life wasted. I just cared that I could enjoy the ride. I just wanted the experience. We were once the army who beat all of the others in the top 10, and we still are. No matter how many times we got hacked, or how many people hated us, or even how many times we failed, we enjoyed our time here. Without further a due, I enjoyed my time here. Goodbye.

I guess here’s the part where I thank people to make them feel appreciated.

Team Gold-

Swanbiff- You were a really cool friend. I used to wake up early in the morning just to talk to you in the summer. I though you were really cool when I met you on CP, but I thought you’d be a jerk like all the other rare people. You weren’t, and still aren’t.

Squeakers13- Wow, where do I begin? First met you on CP, and started CP dating. I lured you into TG, and we’ve been cool ever since. You don’t come on much anymore. You’re like… 19 now?

Pupula56- PUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPP. You were one of my favorite people in TG. You always seemed to have something to talk about. I remember when we used to follow each other around on CP with hearts. Gay :P… Hey Pup, remember this? 

Ace- First met you when I tried to get CPRA to merge into TG. You were a cool guy. I later picked you up as 2ic, then leader. You were too much of a push over though, and I was too jumpy. Instead of evening each other out, one of us got kicked out. Have a good life though.

Tj Crooks45- When you first joined TG you hated it. <- Feels like that was said before. You started coming on more. You were one of my favorites so you gained rank quickly and became leader. One of the best leaders of all time. I’d definitely put you on any legends list over myself. For the… around 8 months you did lead, TG was a big bad top 5 army. When you got inactive, we got inactive, and uninspired. You were one of the only people I added on Skype, talked to, and added on Facebook. You coo bro.

Lizz- First girl leader in TG. You were very cool and honest, some one I can relate to. People say that I just made you leader because you’re “hot.” Yes, you are very pretty, but I had to look past that and see if you were what TG and I personally needed as help. You were. You helped us get back on track and helped us to get around 20 new troops in 2 weeks. That honestly is some of the biggest growth in CP army differences since the “Golden Ages.” I also had a lot of fun with you and talked to you on skype. 😛

Liva- When you retired you said; “If it makes you happy, then I’ll say it: You win.” That made me happy. Very accomplished too, it seemed as if it were my quest. But to be truthful, there was nothing to win. We were just throwing water into a river. Nothing to gain, but just making each of our egos bigger. But if it makes you happy, then I’ll say it: I know. 😛

Courtney- You were and are cool. Stay sexy daughter.

Garret- I don’t know much about you, but I know you’re here for a reason. We’re friends. We better be. I hope you have fun leading TG some day. You have good leadership qualities. You just don’t post. What’s a empty news paper good for?

Nick- Sometimes I worry about you. You were a good person. I don’t really know if you’re ready for leader. You need to put you’re hype in chat into you’re posting. I get tired of reminding you, but it’s fun to have you around. ILY POO POO HEAD.

Rico1- Hey baby. You helped me through a lot of tough times, and we did bad things together. You were a really fun person, even without all the things you did for me. I hope you succeed in baseball.

Adro3- You were a cool dude. Still are. I hope you go far, not only in TG, but in life. Peace out and happy New Year.

Cheese- You’ve been here long, had a lot of battles, a lot of trouble, and a lot of triumph. You deserve the rank you have. Have fun with it. Keep my spot warm :P.

To all the other people- Even though I didn’t mention you, you all were important in making this a major life experience. With over the 230+ active people that have passed through this army in the past 3 years, I’m just glad you picked this place. You guys should me a good time. This has been the most fun that I’ve ever had on a computer. For me it was just a dream come true, but all good dreams come to an end after a while. Now was just my time to wake up. 


Potatoes4- You were my biggest inspiration. I picked Tj because he reminded me of you a lot. I remember when I would wake up late and end up in a fight with various armies. This was my second army ever, and helped me become a better leader for TG over all. Thanks Pot.

Lots Of Pie- You were the serious one. You reminded me of myself, or what I became. I’m glad to say that I was just a little bit like you, because that little bit that you helped me become like made this army THIS army. I was sad to see you impeached, but you didn’t really care when you were. You just moved on. You kept moving on.

Bat(ista)- You impeached Pot and Pie. I kinda hated you at first. But you showed me that if things didn’t work right, then needed to be changed. Not necessarily saying that Pot and Pie didn’t work right. But you changed things to help, and not to hurt. You coo too.

Wgfv- You were cool at first. We used to have fun a lot. Even though I was a noob, you treated me with respect just like you’d treat anybody else. You taught me how to treat others. Later on you got all… strange on me. Even through all the rivalry, you were still kinda cool to me.

Trickster- You were a cool guy and helped me and Tj lead TG at one point. I was glad to have you help, and we rose a lot while you were here. Thanks for being there for me in TG and UMA.


Vendetta- By far one of the best army leaders of all time. You were really cool, even though we’d always fight over Icebound. People said you used bots and cheated to make NW big. Even if you did, you did a good job at doing it and hiding it. If you didn’t, that’s pure skill. You were a great army leader.


Person1233- You.Were.AWESOME. You gave me my first epic *butt*-kicking, and first ever event as a large army. I just wished TG would’ve beaten you while you were still leading. You were really one to look up to.


Bri- When I first met you, I was trying to get your army to merge into ours. Even though you said no, I still wanted to hang out with you, and later made you 3ic of our army. You were a nice person. Just a little croaky. You later became WW leader after a couple of merges. It was very annoying to battle you, seeing that you usually always ran, but it gave me new ideas and tactics to use. You coo Texasboi27.

Hurricane- You went through a lot of armies, and a follow you. You rarely stuck to just one. You jumped around a lot. Like a basketball on crack. You were kind of cool. Have fun with whatever you do.

Luc- Trickster … OH I FORGOT TRICKSTER. Okay I edited him in. Back to what I was saying, Trickster got us into invading WW for the first time. I agreed with him because I heard about you a lot and though you’d be a worthy opponent. We fought several times, we won, you won. We had fun. That rhymed. Now I’m done.

Dark Warriors-

Khimo- You were a cool guy and helped me with TG for a while. I admired the way you made armies rise. Bye bro. 😛

To the futures leaders of Team Gold. Don’t ever become too full of yourself that you cannot help others. Don’t ever be afraid of anything, or army here. There’s no such thing as a hacker, there are only manipulators who can and will work off of whatever you give them. Remember, this is internet. Don’t give away anything personal. Never be afraid to take risks by fighting other armies, impeaching other leaders, or demoting/firing your friends. Never take advantage of your power, because if you take a swim in that river, you’ll end up drowning in it. Remember to always respect people, because they’re looking up to you. Remember to treat people nicely, because I treated you nicely. Remember to respect new people, because I respected you. Remember to stand up for yourself and your army, because I stood up for you. If you stand for nothing, then you’re open to fall for anything. Most importantly, remember that this is a game, and that you’re supposed to have fun. Don’t even get too serious with anybody or anything. If you can do that, then have fun working on being the best Team Gold leader ever.

Welp, I guess I’m done with that. My fingers hurt and I have to go to the bathroom. I’m back. You might not know how long I was gone, or what exactly I did in that bathroom. Anyways, I’m just glad to say I was apart of this huge(Not really) online community that we all call “CP Armies.” Of course, Team Gold was my favorite of all, and they were, and forever will be the best army ever. I think I’ve said every thing I’ve had to say. Wow. For the last time as leader, goodbye Team Gold.

~Spice Ice116


36 Responses

  1. You’re welcome :).

  2. omg spice 😥 everyone keep reading the post. D’:

  3. Happy New Years 2012′
    ~Love Rodog ❤

  4. Bye Spice. I’m gonna miss you 😦

  5. 3rd! :’) epic story…

  6. You expect us to read this. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! IT’S 1:17 AM EST! I RAN OUTSIDE AND SCREAMED LIKE A MANEAC. AND I’M STILL ALIVE!!! Happy 2012.

  7. Spice are you leaving? If you are plz keep checking back to site. Who pays for the CSS?? You have always been a great leader, always determined and I would like to thank you for that. You have been a great mate and good luck in the future! 😦

  8. Spice you were a great leader you always gave me someone to look up to. Have a great life and keep checking the ranks to see what rank I am Lol!

  9. AH spice. Your time has come. I hope you enjoyed your time in this army! You will never be forgotten! 🙂 Although im not reading all of this post at once. Ill read parts coz this is long ;D

  10. Haha the rockstar video <333

  11. You forgot me in the UMA :(, Ah well bye spice.

    Edit: Sorry Alfy, the post was long already, didn’t want to make it too big.

  12. Bye spice! Have fun in your future.

  13. I guess my comment didn’t show through my iPod last night.. Well the day has come, huh? You truly were a great leader, with its ups and downs of course 😉 I promise to keep TG alive for you and keep it running along. You have created such a successful army and I bet you had loads of fun throughout the years. An experience none of us would forget. Im glad I was recruited that day during summer a couple years ago. I never thought I would come this far, at least not without my friends (: I hope the best for you in life and that living it to the fullest is what you’ll keep doing, right? Oh and we never finished the rap! D: Lol, anyway Spice I’m gonna miss you a lot man. Stay sexy and remember that anything can be achieved. I have a lot more to say but I guess I’ll finish this off with a Happy New Year and hopefully great opportunities in your life path. Cya Spicey Boy.

    ~ Cheese5434

    “It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun”

  14. Bye Spice 😦 you were an awesome leader!

  15. Spice, we had our up and downs and we weren’t usually on the same page. You were a nice guy and I appreciate all you have done for me during my army career.Have a nice life, goodbye Spice.


  16. ill miss you spice ):

  17. Bye Spice, I never imagined this army without you. Man, you were my inspiration, and thats the truth. Please stay in chat, I never tought of the day you would make a retirement post.

  18. Spice, you are the best leader any army of CP could have. Lol, i was here early 2010-2011 when u kept saying you would retire. You went much longer. That’s a good leader. You were always awesome here. I wish you the very best for the rest of ur life.


  19. I need something trolly to say so I can argue with Spice. Wait, got one:

  20. Spice you’ve taught me so much in this army, that I cannot explain. Even though I got fired and banned, I learned something important from you and I will always remember it. You went with the rules and had no excuses and that’s important. You always tried your best and never gave up. You are the best leader there is. Unfortunately the time has come for you and it will be a bother not seeing you on chat daily. I’m going to miss you greatly. This army changed my life in one way. Happy New Years Spice and good luck in the future 🙂 Goodbye~

  21. 😦

    You were a great leader, always so welcoming. Imma miss youu. I know I say that on everyone’s retirement post, but I’ll probably miss you the most. Actually I know will.

    Byee Spicey. ❤

    Come back on chat sometimes, okay?


  22. Bye Spice D; We Will Miss You :’c </3

  23. Even though I know that you’re just going to make another alias and stay around TG, later bro 😛 you were the only reason I got this far.

  24. Bye Spice! We will all miss you and you were a great leader! Take care bro 🙂

  25. Huh never would of thought the day would come old spicey. 😛 Your a big chunk in my heart that feels missing now,and nothing can refill it like you. The only thing that’s wrong with your post is you didn’t mention yourself in the legends,without you spice this army name wouldn’t be as famous as it is! Plus you were way more creative in the name then other armies, it was always something warriors. But you stepped up and took it to a whole nother ball game. If anyone else posted a retirement post this long,I wouldn’t ever read all of it. I’ll Miss you spice. I probably won’t see you a lot anymore.Mostly because your never going to be on and same with me. I’ll miss you spice,you changed me in ways no one could.

  26. Bye Spice. D’: You were a great leader. I’ll miss you ):

  27. I read the whole thing a passionate and well thought out speech I almost cried Spice, you’ve created the best army that will have ever fought!

  28. You’ve been through everything huh spice. 😛

  29. Ewww First sentance was really inapropriate.

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