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The Cheese Conspiracy

Note: This post is CONTAMINATED with bad language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Today’s the day! The terrible tyrant named Cheese is finally overthrown from his position in Team Gold.

Now, let’s discuss the reasons of his departure.

  • He broke the rules and supported rule breakers
  • He hasn’t posted in about a month
  • He admits to me doing his share of work in Team Gold
  • He ditched events to go to other chats and armies, which is completely unacceptable.

 He broke the rules and supported rule breakers. Cheese continually unbanned his friends and other troops from other armies who spied on us, let “hackers” come to our chat, cussed in our chat, and at the people in our army, and did, aswell as encouraged mass acts of disobedience and rebellion. He disrespects the morals of the Team Gold and it’s people! He hasn’t posted in about a month. Cheese refused almost on a daily basis to post new events or just regular ‘check in’ on us. He never even gave a reason to why he didn’t post, he just didn’t. Also, there’s a rule that all Owner ranked troops have to post twice a month; He broke tha rule too! He admits to me doing his share of work in Team Gold. He doesn’t even attempt to lie his way out of not doing his share. He knows he doesn’t do his job. He continually ignored the needs of our troops, refused to promote people and come to battles. He ditched events to go to other chats and armies, which is completely unacceptable. Cheese goes to other chats under a different name on a daily basis and avoid Team Gold. He tries to only come to Team Gold when I’m not online. He avoids coming to events and talking to his troops. He neglets his position in Team Gold and has no regret or remorse about what he has done. The little bit of things he has done. Therefore, as of now, April 14th, 2012, Cheese5434 has been and forever will be fired from Team Gold.

Below is proof of his many and terrible crimes.

Cheese using denegrating language on chat

Exceptions? Yeah no.

Cheese ditching an event to go to another army. Traitor.

Cheese doesn't like Club Penguin.

The most juciest of them all. Cheese and friends plotting against Team Gold, and even threatening a possible hack?

 ~Nick Team Gold’s Future Leader

Signed by all Team Gold owner ranks.


79 Responses

  1. Wow. I miss Cheese, Spice I do think some should be unbanned if they want to join though

  2. oh dear. I liked Cheese but this has gone too far. I sign this. Sorry buddy it’s the rules as leader you must post and be on chat. Bye Cheese,

    ~Adro3 Cheese’ most trusted Owner and Future Leader.

  3. I am not an owner. Yet but I would sign it *wary*

  4. Me noob (;

  5. Wow this is unfair. Because you guys over-exaggerated everything. Before I was more leniant. When it’s like SUPER late at night I would let a few cuss go by. Only because it wouldn’t affect anything or anyone. And Spice: You wouldn’t let me do my new ideas. You always let them go. And that pic with CPC is not true. There was NO event going on at that time. And what Iceberry said, I don’t even unban him. I told him one time too. That he will just be banned again. Im not going to stress over this, you didnt even give me a chance. I had to go 30 minutes ago, Spice knows, so I can’t back it up right now. Nice one guys. You really fooled everyone, especially all the new troops.

  6. I know because cheese cussed me out on chat. And to think, he acted so loyal and helped us alot in this one battle. At first, i auctally considered cheese a “friend”

  7. Me noob (;

  8. Doesn’t even know his former troops…. smh

  9. Snuffalagopugas

  10. I like how some people are making a joke of this. I fail to see what is so funny…

    • I Fail to see why he was impeached he was the greatest leader ever. Even if owners didnt like him its only because they wanna be leader Nick just sucks up to spice so he can be leader thats why he agreed to impeach cheese…. Spice wasnt the best leader either what happened to this being fun? not about compitition???

      • I agree with Cheese and Nate 150%. He understood that his troops needed to have fun sometimes. Not just talk about clubpenguin 24/7. Half the time 99.9% of the troops don’t want to talk about cp (not counting new recruits). He actually cared about the troops he didn’t have to pretend. If Nick gets leader I’m sorry to say but I can see this army falling. He’s mean, rude and bullies everyone ***When Spice is not there to see*** So he can’t get in trouble for it. If you guys really cared about this army at all… You wouldn’t have fired him. Btw getting new recruits to vote against him when they didn’t even know him is low. Very low. Good job for making yourselves look like fools. Well done.

      • I wasn’t the best leader ever? At the height of my leadership in TG about 90% of the things in the Hall of Fame were achieved. The only thing Cheese earned was an impeachment. TG was twice it’s size under my leadership, and it’s growing back under LINK’s leadership. Not Cheese’s. Cheese’s even admitted that I did more than him.

  11. I also find it pathetic how you all voted against your friend. What has this army come to?

    • Doesn’t matter if it’s your friend or not. If he’s doing something wrong, things have to change.

      • He wasn’t doing anything wrong, this is only half of the conversation, he says that he gets off when Spice is online. Search my PB account:
        TGISTHEBESTIAMFIX and look at the photos for yourself.

        Black for peace! Blue for justice!

        • Wait what?

          And Link I don’t really think you should be talking as much as you are now. You misunderstood what she said too. She’s basically saying that people are scared to voice their opinions. Most of the people who agree with this didn’t even know the whole truth. I bet you didn’t either.

  12. Thanks Nate and Courtney but some people still aren’t learning the definition of equality, fairness, and justice. Most of them are just stubborn. And I agree with Link.. It’s really immature how you all continue to edit all of my comments.

    I am disappointed on how not everyone is treated fairly in Team Gold, but then again this has brought up a lot of good points. Not like anyone cares to read this.. It will just be edited once again.

  13. This is a huge mistake. Cheese was an amazing leader that was blamed for problems that he had nothing to do with. Nick and Spice find problems in the army and try to blame everyone but themselves. Cheese actually did care about troops, Nick does not. When Spice isnt on Nick barely pays any attention to the troops at all. When Spice is on, he pretends that he cares and kisses up to Spice so that he can get leader. Cheese is an amazing person who would never try to cause harm to another troop. He would never try to get someone to hack another person’s computer. He said it out of anger. People say things they dont mean all the time. And if he says it at MY chat then it should stay at MY chat. Nobody should be stalking it and watching everything we say. Team Gold is giving us 0 freedom. Honestly, it is none of your business what chats Cheese goes to in his free time. If he wants to say these things at mine and Court’s chat, then he should be allowed to. It has nothing to do with you. Spice and Nick are acting like children in this situation and should learn to deal with problems in a better way instead of banning anyone that stands in their way. Stop getting people to turn against their friends. This army is supposed to be fun, but i really doubt anyone is having fun at all. I’ll miss Cheese. He was a better leader than anyone here will ever be.

    • Thanks Mads

      **Note: They say I attempted to hack them. Those pics from your chat were misunderstood and only half of that conversation was print-screened. This whole post is either a bunch of half-truths or lies.

    • Under Cheese’s leadership we achieved nothing. The only time we got over 20 at an event is when Link, Nick, and I came to help. The only reason you’re supporting Cheese is because he leans over to all of your needs, but not the needs of the army. He’s a selfish person indeed. Aforesaid, At the height of my leadership in TG about 90% of the things in the Hall of Fame were achieved. The only thing Cheese earned was an impeachment. TG was twice it’s size under my leadership, and it’s growing back under LINK’s leadership. Not Cheese’s. Cheese’s even admitted that I did more than him

      • Me gay (;

      • Ok you just copy/pasted from the other comment but Spice you guys still don’t even know the whole truth. You don’t even bother to want to know because you are unfair. You just find it playing it your way is easier and far more simpler.

        • Indeed. It actually works, unlike doing nothing and expecting to stay in charge.

          • Cheese you didn’t do anything for the army. All you did is sit down and chat and post 500 words once and awhile so it seems like you’re doing your job. After Spice retired I didn’t see any improvement….

  14. Well said Maddie. Guys you need to read these comments here. The have the real truth of what happned. At mine and Maddies chat. Spice secretly stalked it taking pictures of our conversation that was out of anger. Doing this then posting them to get someone fired is just like me posting this to get Spice fired (Just proving a point)

    • Nice VALID point there. We should have established TG Court sooner. This would have been fun. 😛

    • Oh owned Spice! Can’t believe the way Spice used those pics, f***ing photobucket stalker what about this?

      We all agreed how annoying Spice was, he isn’t fair. He ruins Team Gold and why can’t an owner be f***ing brave enough too get rid of him. Cheese didn’t because he needs that extra support, and Spice can give it because he’s been Sixteen for the past 4 years, Spice can’t do nothing, and he is nothing.

    • that pic was after a CPAC tourney battle when we maxed 3 on CP with lots more on chat. I woukd have been angry too and was.

    • :O is that the real spice?:(

  15. xDD nicee pic Court. And yeah Cheese all of those pictures were half of the conversations. Spice tries so hard to make Cheese look bad it makes me laugh.

    • I know, people should see all of them search TGISTHEBESTIAMFIX on photobucket 😉

    • I don’t even have to try. If I truly hated TG I wouldn’t be helping you by getting rid of Cheese. The only reason I hated TG for that short amount of time is because of how it was lead, and how it should’ve been lead. It seems to be on the right path now.

      • You see? Explaining yourself opened up to the truth and your opinion. However, not everyone else finds it that easy. (I’m not talking about myself.)

  16. Holy screenie everything we said.

  17. Crying Crying everywhere

  18. see? this is what happens when i leave tg for a month for family problems…….this crap happens.O.o

  19. We’re all just here to have fun…right?

  20. lol. “evil-doer” . pathetic

  21. Cheese you should kinda stay IN TG and follow the rules too and not let others get off of hand and also if your freinds or other amies banned leave them banned and by the way without cheese i wouldn’t of even BEEN here i would have probaly been yout guys enemies and i cant beilive im saying this but im agreeing with Maddie and court -that was hard to type-Cheese should be un-fired and give him one last chance AND STAY ON THIS CHAT AT ALL TIMES!!!

  22. I think this is silly. Cheese made a mistake who ever he is( dont know him) but this might only be half of a conversation. Give him a chance and i dont know if this is the real spice but someone called courtney gave a link of spice saying i f***** hate tg which is pretty bad too? I think spice and cheese should accept they did something not so good but mayby spice should put cheese back on for a chance… everyone makes mistakes

  23. Cheese should stay in even though spice was mad they probally should both be punished

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