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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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Some Clarification

Just a quick post to clear a couple things up . . .

Is Spice coming back?

No, I’m not coming back to Team Gold, EVER. There are no chances of that happening, at all. Why? In December I’m going to turn 19. I am way too old to be sitting behind a computer screen wasting my time playing a computer game meant for 5-12 year olds. My second reason is that I also have a life. I’m not going to waste my summer to gather up people to join some virtual army. All armies end up the same, if you didn’t notice. Once all the great leaders leave, the army dies off. I’m not wasting another minute of my life doing that again. The idea seems awesome, but don’t entertain it at all. It will not happen.

My view on the “new Team Gold”

*Drum roll please* . . . I don’t care. Yes, most of the people I fired are in charge of it now. Yes, they do have a little hype right now. Yes, they banned me forever on their chat. Again, I still do not care. Their version of Team Gold is a waste of time. It is not going to succeed, but even if it does, I don’t care. It’s still just a Club Penguin army. You guys are taking it too seriously. Saying things like “It’s ironic how everybody who Spice hired now own the army,” don’t phase me. Why? Because for one, their version of the army has no future. If you didn’t notice, Ace is a one trick pony. Not to put anybody down, just being brutally honest. If Ace could do all the things that me, Tj, Lizz, and Swan were capable of, why didn’t he when he had the various opportunities? Because he can’t. Again, no offense, just being honest. Ace is a follower. If it were not for Ace, I would be posting this from the first Team Gold site. Reminding you again, Ace let his friends, one of them being the advisor of your “new Team Gold” hack and delete that site. That’s like Barack Obama being best friends with Osama Bin Laden and allowing him to bomb the White House, in my opinion. Also, the only thing Ace really is good at is making graphics. Anybody can create a Club Penguin army, it’s not that hard. Anybody can recreate Team Gold. It wasn’t hard. The thing everybody can’t do it maintain an army. Ace cares about his little lifeless “hacker” friends more than he cares about the “troops” of the army. Don’t believe me? Argue with one of them and see who gets banned first. Enough shots taken at Ace. Anyways, nobody in charge of the new Team Gold seems to have the drive to take the army to the next level. I might be wrong, but whatever, you won’t prove it. This Team Gold, the one with Cody, is a foreign concept to me though. Seeing that I don’t know much about Fari, Ritj, and Cody (other than from Xbox Live) I don’t know their qualities or flaws, but they seem like got people. One more time. I don’t care. If you guys want to go recreate TG, do it. Just know, it will never compare to any of the versions of TG I created, led, or advised. The chances of that happening are the same as the chances of me coming back. There aren’t any.

“Alfred”/ The Rant

I know this part wasn’t really necessary, but I’m going to be doing a bit of ranting. Just because. To everybody who thinks they’re intimidating me by calling me Alfred, you’re fucking stupid. If Alfred was my real name, why would I be intimidated or offended by you calling me my name? Really. That’s just so fucking dumb to me. Alfred is my nick name. I’ve been called it ever since I was 4. So no, calling me Alfred doesn’t offend or annoy me. Yes, my real name is Marcus. I think I would know my real name. People call me Alfred because of an inside joke, a joke that I’m not going to tell you because I don’t feel the need to explain such an insignificant part of my life to a group of insignificant people. #SorryNotSorry. Anyways, you can call me Spice/Marcus/Alfred, you can even call me crazy. I don’t care. You aren’t going to irritate me by calling me something I’ve been called for most of my life. Also, I don’t care about being “doxed.” Everybody already knows everything about me; my Twitter, my Facebook, my Kik. Who cares? What’s the worse you can do? Insult me? Why would I, Marcus Johnson, care about what a snot nosed little kid who has no social life and sits behind a desktop for 8 hours a day commanding people over the internet to throw snowballs at virtual penguins in a game created for 5-12 year olds because they have no friends in real life has to say about me? Once you sign out, you’re back to being the loser nerd you woke up to being before you logged on. Next, “LOL, I HAVE A PICTURE OF WHAT SPICE LOOKS LIKE IN REAL LIFE, LOLOLOLOL!” Statements like that prove that you’re lame. You’re proud to have seen a real life actual picture of me? That really shows that you don’t get out much to see actual people because you’re surprised to have seen one person. What’d you think I was, some type of faceless mystery man? Of course, I look like something. I’m a real person. Getting happy because you saw a picture of me in real life only means that you need to get out more. Go ahead, look at pictures of me in real life, that’s what I made an Instagram for. I really don’t understand the hype of doxing. There are 7 billion people in the world, and you feel accomplished because you found out the identity of one? You’re cool. I also don’t understand what makes you feel so accomplished about insulting me over the internet. Wow, you called me a name over the internet! You must be fun at parties.  Like, insulting people over the internet is such an awesome talent that few people possess. Lol, that’s so lame. Nine times out of 10, you’re just calling me what you get called at school. I’m not going to waste a lot more time on this post, because I have better things I could be doing right now, shiddddddd, I could even be sleeping. I just think it’s funny that your ranks will never have as much words as my post has words. You can have fun with your Team Gold, just remember that you’re following in the footsteps of a person that you hate, and you’ll never be as successful as I was at this. Also, I don’t mind Cody, Ritj, and Fari using this site. I don’t see a reason why not to. If you really want to do this as a past time, go ahead. I don’t care. Do you. If you need me, contact me via Twitter. Just don’t be lame. Twitter.Com/SomeOneFinally

~Marcus Johnson


13 Responses

  1. Lmao, #snapped

  2. I lol’d.
    But seriously, turn your kik back on fool.
    Also facebook.

  3. Whoa, I read something on the internet that finally made sense.

  4. im laughing so hard. this is amazing.

  5. Hey Spice, long time no see. I’m sorry I couldn’t bring TG back as well ask you’d hoped. I tried, an before you know it Ace had made a completely new one. Aww well, I think our best days are over.

  6. I feel some parts are supposed to insult me but I don’t think they are about me. This post made A LOT of sense. Great job, Marcus. You have insulted many varieties of people on the internet.

  7. Can I advise this TG

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