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    Click here to Join Team Gold is one of the largest, and strongest armies in Club Penguin. I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would Club Penguin need an army?" My question is, why wouldn't they? Armies aren't here to fight off major hackers or threats towards Club Penguin, but we still do for the fun of it. Isn't that the meaning of Club Penguin? Anyways, Team Gold was created by Saint Spice on March 9th, 2009. Our job is to defend our nation and keep our servers a safe place. We're not going to lie and say everything we do is to protect Club Penguin, but it mostly turns out that way. Now it's time for you to decide, either with us or against us. Join us on our quest to become the 1st largest army today. Let the games begin...
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    Tj Crooks45Yo I'm Tj, one of the retired leaders of Team Gold. I joined Club Penguin in September of 2007. The first server I ever went on was Walrus (our former capital). For the first year and 3 months or so I wasn't involved in Club Penguin armies. Then, one day I went on Walrus and saw a penguin called "Spice Ice116" and some other penguins saying "SEARCH CLUBPENGUIN TEAM GOLD" so I searched it and went to the chat. When I first joined Team Gold, I hated it. But as I went on the chat more and more I started to like Team Gold. I became very active and eventually became Leader. Oh and I don't know why Spice put that pic there...anyways if you haven't met me then your just inactive :P
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Protected: soooooooo… what’s going on here (To Admin X / ritj) -READ-

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Lets get this party started/Training Sesh

It’s Tj,

A lot of changes have happened here in the last week, but the result has been inactivity. A lot of people are asking for an event, so I’ve scheduled a training session until we can possibly find a practice battle or such. Enough with the talk, onto the dates:

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Yo it’s Tj,
Apologies for not being on recently. My grades have been low and my parents forced me to take a break from the computer and most other electronics. I have recently finished finals at school so I should be back and active soon.
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Protected: Ideas

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Back.. Wid a vengeance

Yo it’s Tj,

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Pup's Retirement/Firing post


So, Fellow troops. The day has come, for me to leave. 50% of you would be screaming “FINALLY” , the other 50% would be saying ” PUP IM GONNA MISS U DON’T GO!” . Yes , I understand not everyone likes everyone! But I have had many MANY memories in teamgold. Since I was the first person to join. I will give u my story on how I joined tg , THE HISTORY IN TG, and why I retired. This is a very hard choice for me to make!! But I’ll also tell u guys what brought me to retire …

The Start :

Okay so…I think I logged into cp.. and went on server walrus. As I did back then , I logged into my Pupula56 account. Then i decided to go visit the iceberg since it was a very peaceful day right? I arrived and I saw two noobs… ( Spice and Ice Mixed) saying “JOIN TEAMGOLD” .. ” SEARCH CP GOLD ARMY ON THE WEB” .. so I’m like ” Oh what the heck I’ll give it a try.” I went on google and typed in “CP GOLD ARMY.” So then , I clicked the first link that came up… It was some type of OLYMPIC WEBSITE :/ , But then I went back and clicked the TG SITE. I was amused by it. By the time I got on chat…. Spice and Ice were already introducing me and congratulating me on joining the army , and only on being the FIRST to join. The chat was that regular old STARS xat bg that xat has for ur new chat. I was very confused , after all , I NEVER KNEW ABOUT CP ARMIES. Spice told me to go to the forts so he could take a pic of my penguin. And then he made a post of me , using a pic of my penguin and congratulating me with an EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH award xD. And then im like “OMG OMG OMG MY PENGUIN IS ON THE INTERNET.. LOOK MOM!!” haha 😛 . That all happened on April 10,2009 😉 .


OK GUYS U KNOW.. i got fired today… this is an edit to the post.. forget what i said on the top… im just gonna list all my friends… 😦 now read it down at the bottom :’)

Spice: Well spice, i just want to say .. thank you for recruiting me into this army. I had a very great time here. And I really never hated u. Its just sometimes you make me do stuff , I dont have time for sometimes 😦 . And also, since u were the one who fired me , i must say , ty for giving me support on giving myself some time on other things do other than CP ARMIES. Like I always say , theres always an advantage to every problem 🙂

Ace: OMG ace!! You were one of the best people I ever knew!! You are very nice , and I hope you keep leading this army with all ur heart 🙂 Just know that , I will never forget you

TJ : haha tj, You always make me feel happy . You were a great leader too 🙂 Keep on swimming your dreams 🙂

Swan : Umm swan, BEEFY BEEFY SWAN.. (SWANBIFF) You were one of those people who didn’t really care what their rank was, and i like that. You know everything about soccer and GTA! :O . I’ll miss talking to you in the morning bye 😦

CPRULES: You are truly one of my best friends. I still remember getting up every morning last summer to talk to you and watch AMTV or VH1 together 🙂 Btw , I’m not a 51 year old creeper. I hope you notice that 😀 . ill miss you!! -hug-

Mars: Mars , We had our times on roblox , and we still will , and now its gonna be on maple story 🙂 You are truly nice and fun to hang out with. You usually make up most of my day . You are one of those people I will never forget for being such a good friend 😀 , ILL SEE U ON ROBLOX!! :O , AND BTW , IGNORE THE PEOPLE WHO SAY we are going out. Coz we are obviously not 🙂

Chey : Omg chey, you are like mars except more older and serious. 😀 sorry I didnt get on the DROP ZONE?!?!?! THERE WAS A HUGE LINE!! Chey you are very nice to me , and I am nice to you too . Give mars some company now that I’m not gonna be in tg now. I feel high expectations for you 🙂

Emz: HAHA , emz i wont forget u either!! You are also like mars. The trio : chey.mars.emz . I hope you guys get along very well.. Emz i will keep in contact with you, coz you are like one of my bestest friends 😦 I’ll miss you!

Larly : You , got me banned once, your’e british… we had many awkward moments.. I will never forget you 😀

BE-MAN : Omg we talked alot about our dreams and halo. We did the GHOST HUNTERS show together. I miss you still . WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU OLD BUDDY? I know you wont be reading this. But i trust you , that you still remember me , bye 🙂

Aziz: GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY. QUAGMIRE FTW!! We live like 15 mins away from each other. Hopefully we wont bump into each other in a walmart. That’ll be awkward. You are very fun to talk to. I still won’t forgive you for saying you died :/ BYEE D:

Squeak : Oh my gosh , we still talk to each other most nights. You understand me alot. You will still be one of my best buddies. If I haven’t met u in tg, IDK where I WOULD BE. You made tg fun for me most of the time 🙂 Logging into cp and then hanging out . and then coming back and doing GHOST HUNTERS with be_man 😀 ill miss u buddy

Ice Mixed : You never liked me :/ I tried to be your friend. But ok. Your my friend in my imagination. YOU RARELY come on tg chat . And when u do , I’m not on D; BYE!

Rico: IDK IF I CAN TRUST YOU ANYMORE. But you were one of my friends. I will probably remember one in a while from now. Bye old friend from the times 😦

ok im getting bored of changing colors… so here we go again.

Nick: IDK IF WE’RE FRIENDS OR NOT.. But you are sometimes nice to me. I know you’re going to be the new leader of tg. You will make it rise of course. I TRUST YOU!!

Sky : I hate you , bye

Scaryplane: EHH…… IDK ABOUT YOU… BUT i should have never met you

Zuko : I HAVENT SEEN U IN A LOONG TIME!! You’ve been a nice friend. I miss you. WHERE-EVER you are, have a nice life. 😀

Keleigh : I Hope you become a dallas cowboys cheerleader like you told me. IF YOU DO , ill try and buy frontrow tickets for the stadium and then take a picture with you 😀 I still miss you, bye 🙂

Kelsey : IM UR DADDA!! Haha bye, I’ll miss you alot too , You were one of those tg mod’s that were fun to talk to. 😦 bye

Allen : You’re a great friend. TY FOR MY ICON… I’ll use it forever!! Unless i find a better one 😛 but bye :(‘

Science Nerd: PERVY GIRL!! You were nice!! Keep one straightening ur hair. I will try and chat with u sometimes 🙂

Cena : Ty for showing me those potato gun videos 😛 THEY MADE ME LOL. bye

Jazz: JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ JAZZ … u heard my voice… lol…ill see u on tinychat byee 😀

Bailey : I think ur my daughter too … IDK where u went, but u were nice too. I hope ur lil kid relationships go very well 🙂

Lilhuk : idk what happened to you. but bye.. and u were nice some of the times.. except when u begged for xats etc etc.. BYE OLD FRIEND

Nico : u turned out to be younger than me… rofl byee


Liva: I think i have some of ur actions or thoughts. We were part of the group of people who knew tg turned corrupt . TY FOR FINALLY PUTTING ME INTO UR DEDICATION POST.

Lizz : AQF!!! I will miss seeing some CELIA CRUZ videos with you. You are the nicest and prettiest thing on chat 😛 lol . AZZUUUCCCAARR.. SEE U IN CELIA CRUZ’S HOUSE IN GOD’S MANSION!! ❤

Sasgirl : Ur my daughter, and ur mother is liva. Idk what happened to ur sassy old self.. BUT KEEP ON ROCKKIN THE 69 WITH UR FUTURE AUSSIE ;P

CHEESE: queso…. i miss u old buddy . did u like randomly leave?


Shaneshane: you told me to never give up… and ur right… but look now.. im fired 😛

Linklovr: LINKY WINKY!! -HUG- Haha ur funny and u give me a good mood 🙂 I’ll miss our epic hug times every time we see each other. HOPE U LEAD THE ARMY INTO SOMETHING GREAT SOON

Alienpop : LOOK ITS AN OLD MAN , NO ITS EINSTEIN,, NOO!! ITS ALIENPOP!! :O for a couple weeks i thought u were a boy… but ur a girl. ILL MISS U

Rock : ty for donating to me in my PUPNATE program. 😀 You’re nice and have a spirit.

Husker : U WERE PERVY TOO :O I really didn’t like ur icons that u got from ace’s photobucket… bye..

Phantom : I’ll see u on roblox and maplestory too. You’re the reason why im buying the BEAUTIFUL HAIR FOR BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE item on roblox 😛 you are a wonderful person . 🙂

Adrian : You barely come into my mind sometimes.. Bye 🙂

TIM: AHH OH NOES , u were like the perv of old tg.. You come like 4 times a year now >__< bye.

Coldflame: Uhhh, u were a friend, a great buddy. Bye 🙂 WE ROLEPLAYED WITH KALI ALOT!! 😀 We’re still stuck in target btw

Daryan : Tu alomejor eres uno de los pocos que puede leer esto 🙂 Yo te voy a estranar ADIOS!! 🙂

Narat : You’re my foreign buddy from the philiphines, if thats how u spell it 😛 i still miss my icon that i used when i had days and powers lol 😛 byee!

Sulfa : BROTHA!!! I miss you too 🙂 Byee , keep trying on those basketball shots k ? 😉

therock: ONLINE DATING IS USELESS K … Rock , u should go visit a pshycologist… You usually have feelings of commiting suicide … 😦 byeee and byee

Firegem: you’re a friend too , that i see once in a while. 🙂 bye

Taty : AHH you were weird in a good way 😛

San : :O LATINO BUDDIES!! U loooovve soccer alot 🙂

Freezepop : It’s weird that your spice’s sister, coz your NICE AND SWEET!! :O

Shmallow: i have nothing to say of u..

Kali: Omg we roleplayed with coldflames alot!! I will try and stalk u on gt chat 😛 bye

Jerry : you were very random… a random leader ofcourse


Courtney : 😦 yes i know.. im fired… I’ll probably miss u alot . You are my xat daughter 😛 I will never ever forget u ok 😦 bye , IM STILL UR PUPPY!!

Tristin : ARE U A BOY OR A GIRL!!?!?!

Goldie : you are icp’s sister. You were there when i needed to talk to you , which was ironic. 🙂 BYEE


Beaglegreen : I didn’t give up tg for roblox like u … 😛

Nikki : :O omg noo , what happened to u , u dissapeared. I miss u

Tineytiger: You’re a girl right? Lol you are nice and you were never mean to me

Seaney : I confuse u with many other people.. Lol im sorry for that . bye 😦

POPPY : U WERE A NICE GUY.. sometimes

Dogradke : You lead the cheats site with dan and I , 😀 i think u use runescape right?

Dan : You were the best friend , that was cool to me all the time 🙂 , You’re what tg really needs!! You should have never left.

Green : You were cool and.. i learned something new about u everyday . U QUIT TG JUST WHEN U GOT LEADER.. WHY?!!?!

Waddle: You got fired too : P i miss u

Inc : INCY DINKY!! You’re a very pretty girl.. bye 😛

Aidan : I FORGOT WHO YOU ARE. but you come to mind.

Goldust : Haha u broke rules many times.. u didn’t care what people said about u. 🙂

Koolstar: Long time no see , bye old friend

Brian : “FIRST GAY TG TROOP” haha, I DONT THINK THE 1ST.. maybe the 1st that admitted it.. but not the 1st 😛 You were a nice pal . 🙂 , I SEE U ONCE A MONTH NOW!!

Coolkid: U come to mind also

Jamw : bye , u were cool 😛

JJ: You were probably the random-est person , I HAVE EVER CONFRONTED WITH :O bye 😥

Garret: you were nice..mean..confusing…cocky and random most of the time. I will miss u alot too

Sammy : We weren’t really friends , but you were nice

Voldie : ….. :/

Riri : OMG , we had a big friendship… I’m sorry if one of ur brothers died 😦 Bye 😦 😦 😦 😥

Snow nick : HAHA i just figured out u were a boy. Bye 😦 MAKE THIS ARMY WORTH A TRY

4KICKS: You were a very heaven-like girl

Tori: we had an average friendship but I MISS U TOO

Kvlfdsa : I never figured out how to spell ur name lol

Alina : You were very.. perverted tooo sometimes

TapDancer: idk wht to say except that we both play RCT3

Lilewee: were u a leader too? i dont remember


Shellbee: You make me proud. You don’t care what people say about u . Your’e urself 😀 keep those MONSTER cans coming

Brendan: haha BRENDA!! You will probably be one of those people I will miss the most 🙂 Make sure , u keep a heart for cp armies and not be like me

Dawg : You thought me how to draw.. u were nice… and artistic 🙂


ERIS: OH my quiz shows!! You made my spare time fun with your trivia questions 🙂 I will miss u ALOT eris!!

Playa : idk u

Savannah : You’re a cool girl 🙂 And sparkly too 🙂

Maddie : When u read this post.. Youll probably feel very sad.. We had a very great friendship. Like brenda, I’ll miss u alot too 😦

Abby: You were a nice friend to me . I was a nice friend to u. I WILL FOREVER BE UR PUPPY 🙂

Rodog: You are a very nice pal. Keep on buying those hollister shirts or whatever. Just know, u were a great a friend 😀

Jaws : *hello* lol jk , GOOD BYE 😦

Well Teamgold, I guess this is the end… This will be my last post. And im glad that i served my time here!! BYE , I WILL MISS YOU GUYS ALL , You all made my year’s here valuable and priceless. 🙂


Osama Bin Laden – DEAD!

Ace: A little edit here

 2 days ago, President Obama gave the Military permission to raid a mansion which supposedly belonged to Osama Bin Laden. An elite Navy Seal team was put together and they went in to capture him. Some say his body guards were told kill him, some say he was keeping a girl hostage, not a lot of information is released yet. He was shot dead along with his brother and one of his sons but, how did they find him? Pakistani Intelligence had an idea about where he was located but weren’t completely sure. When they had enough evidence, we went in for the kill. The founder of Al-Qaida is now DEAD but, when you think about it, he was a figure-head. He has been hiding for 5 years in Pakistan while hiding, others called the shots not just him. This war on Terrorism isn’t just over yet, there is still the Taliban and of course A-Qaida. This war is far from over, it has just begun.

Hello there fellow troops. I’m doing this post to announce that one of the biggest terrorist the world has ever known is DEAD! I don’t know about you, but i feel relieved! The one responsible for the 9/11 attacks was killed by some U.S. troops in a firefight. This does not mean that the terrorism is over. That’s far from over!! But the biggest conflict of all , has been wiped out! Now you might all be saying, “Why is there a post of Bin Laden’s death on a cp army site?” Well it relates to war right? And don’t we all think Osama is some type of penguin :P. But I’m proud for this great day! All we can say is the hide and seek champion of 2001-2011 regrets having his iPhone app “use his current location” :D.

Osama Bin Laden – March 10, 1957 – May 1, 2011 (aged 54)



To UMA (pt. 2)

You must publish the post publicly so then the other army can actually see your post. In other words:


Rise up!

New 3ic, Ty990 here. I am making this post because some remember me as a small army legend, as others see me as a want to be. We’ll one thing I know while I was gone not only us but CP Warfare in general fell! the best army averages 30! Ice Warriors. I remember a time when ACP was superior, and now look at them. They have fallen, it shows history can change, and I intend for it to. The plates have reformed and I see this a clean slate. It has occurred to me that we have been posting on and on about how we will rise and we can rise, and we are a good army. We need to prove that by having a good showing, we need to prove we are a good army. I don’t want us to brag about something we can’t back up. We need events or we will end up with 3 people at events. We are good and I am not the only one who knows it so mark it on your calendar when our events are. Ensure you can make it to the events and comment on the post of the event. We all are in a depression and I want to help us rise. So rise up and get ready for the events.

Stop and grow up

Okay so recently , like a dozen or even more of you have a big “attitude” when it comes to rules . Follow the rules or get out! Respect people but don’t harrass them. If you like cyber bullying more than carrying out a healthy conversation, I don’t know what the deal is with you. Respect someone if they respect back. And stop making fun of other people. Even if you don’t know it hurts people, it hurts alot. We are all people and whatever we say stays with us and the person we told it to. Chatting is supposed to be talking with friends and making friends , and to announce events. Since when did it become a bullying center CENTER.
Stop showing porn or have sexual pics for your icons “cough” HUSKER “cough.” And to you Sky/temper , grow up and mature. You respect people that are your age or older! Respect everyone , i know u underestimate everyone if their in low grades. What changes if I’m in the 6th. Nothing changes! So respect all for who they are not their ages. This goes to everyone reading this post. Do you want a legit/decent army, or do you want TeamGold to turn into TEAM NOOB with ignorant people who only care about making other people miserable? Grow up and we’ll see how our army turns out.